Nearly Homemade Duck Noodle Soup in under 30 minutes

While you were all watching Super Bowl, I made this delicious Nearly Homemade Duck Noodle Soup in under 30 minutes! The Yu Choy and mushrooms I got from that new Chinese market, IFresh in North Miami were so good. And roast duck from King Palace.

Nearly homemade duck noodle soup
Nearly homemade duck noodle soup.

Quick and easy! Try it for weeknight especially when it’s a little chilly and breezy. Yes, Miami has had a little spell. I even have this through summer, in my house, we can have soup noodles ANY DAY.

I love the process of making it. It’s very soothing. Then seeing it come together with bright crunchy vegetables and squishy mushrooms.

Often, I’ll use different vegetables for variety on another night, see bottom photo.

I don’t even know why I eat this dish out since it’s so easy especially when you have access to a Chinese restaurant or market that prepares Roast Duck or meats.

Keep Rice Noodles in your pantry so you can whip this up in no time. Here’s how…

1. Start by cooking rice noodles: add boiling water to rice noodles in pot and just cover with lid without stove turned on. Yes, it doesn’t need heat, they “cook” really fast. Check it after only 5-7 minutes, do a taste test for doneness. Just put lid on if you want it softer.

I was in a hurry and overdid it by boiling, oops. Big mistake. They got quite starchy, so I rinsed in colander in cold water to stop from cooking and added few dashes of Sesame oil to prevent from sticking. This is how you treat noodles.

2. Whilst noodles are “cooking.” Chop scallions, cilantro and shred ginger.

Chop scallions, cilantro and shred ginger on chopping board. Separate mushrooms.

3. Using same pot, make soup starting with Kirkland chicken stock, seasonings you already have in your KITSan-J tamari, sherry, white pepper plus small dollop of Huy Fong chili garlic sauce and Red Boat Fish Sauce. Throw in ginger. Adjust savory, spiciness to your liking! 

Seasonings from your KIT. Tamari, Sherry, Pepper. Add chili & fish sauce.
Seasonings from your KIT. San-J Tamari, Sherry, Pepper. Add Huy Fong chili sauce & Red Boat fish sauce.

4. Add duck pieces to soup to give flavor and warm through. Set in bowl. 

5. Blanche Yu Choy and mushrooms in soup.

6. Boil hot water and warm up rice noodles in colander and add to bowl. 

7. Boil soup to rolling boil. Pour soup over everything and garnish with chopped scallions, cilantro.  Boom, done!


Use different vegetables like loofah melon
Use different vegetables like Loofah melon on another night.

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