4 Tips to Add Flavor to Any Dish


I ADORE dry spice rubs, how did Chef Patty Ruiz know? She brought me a gift of her three handcrafted spices: Harissa Dry Spice Rub, Zaatar Spice Blend and Chinese Five Spice Blend.  If you’re in Miami, she also gives cooking instructions and can create a magical event for you, her styling is out of this world.

The Mad Table’s Zaatar spice rub, wow, so perfect for this Rack of Lamb, umm…

Dry spice rubs are so versatile, they are my favorite way to season meats for grilling and sprinkle on omelets, soups, stews, whatever you’d like.

Choose from her 16 spice blends at The Mad Table!
Don’t you love her packaging!

Spin it!

Here’s something to help you get those flavors into your food…I came across this tin lazy Suzan and I love it! I keep it right on my dining table so it’s handy. It’s a little bulky but does the job.  Keeps my spice rubs, etc. for adding flavor to any dish.

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Wok Stars, you already know about Earthy Delights’ Shiitake or Oyster Mushrooms that come in your Wok Star Kit. Mushrooms are so versatile, they can go in a stir fry, soup, stew, risotto. And so handy cause they never spoil. Check instructions on packet how to rehydrate them. 

Recently, I’ve been using Shimeji Mushrooms which have changed my life. Since I started making Buddha Bowl soups, I throw a bunch of Shimeji and Enokis in right at the end. They cook really fast whether you add to soup or stir fry. 

Shimeji Mushrooms changed my life!
Click to see how you make this yummy Classic Wok Steamed Chicken with Mushrooms!

Chili Threads!

Earthy Delight first introduced me to these wonderful Chili Threads and now I am hooked and they don’t stock it, phooey. You can find at Asian markets as well. Top on any dish and you’ll be considered a gourmet chef! Keep them in dark area, away from heat or they lose their flavor. 

They add STYLE, HEIGHT, VISUAL INTEREST and a slight hit of spiciness.

Crispy Shallots/Red Onions

Crispy shallots or red onions give so much flavor and kick as a topping. Don’t sprinkle till right before eating cause they tend to get soft.  For soups, I put them in a small sauce plate to savor separately. 

You can find them at Asian markets also, check the labels, you don’t want any MSG or chemicals. The less ingredients, the better. Mine only listed soybean oil and shallots or red onions, yum. 

Crispy shallots or red onions give so much flavor and kick as a topping.

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