fox&friends-WokStarOn-air spokesperson on Fox and Friends to promote Tiger Beer’s 3rd Annual Chili Crab Festival in DUMBO, NYC.

Interviewed by ABC’s Heidi at Tiger Beer Chili Crab Festival, DUMBO, NYC.

Interview on Martha Stewart Living Radio Show to promote
Tiger Beer Chili Crab Festival.

Demo on NBC6, South Florida Today Show to promote Macy’s cooking demonstration at their store.

Celebrating Chinese New Year on CBS with reporters,
Jennifer Reeves and Sharon Lawson.

Chat Chow TV™ Lauren interviews me, check out their site. 


Plum TV hosts, Katrina Campins & Hardy Hill learn how to
Cook Like a Wok Star! 


Google Plus Hangout, Learning How to Cook Like a Wok Star!

Pecha Kucha, a presentation format with 20 slides in 20 seconds.

Honored to be interviewed by Laura Marsicano, the Networking Maverick!



AP food editor, J.M. Hirsch commissioned me to write, “Asian Techniques Meet Hispanic Ingredients.”  Syndicated worldwide from Trinidad to Taiwan! Read full article here. 

Food editor, Kathy Martin republished the AP article as a feature story,  thanks for making me a star in my hometown!

3 restaurant reviews were featured in this hip, beautiful British lifestyle magazine, VIVA!

Tudor House, Essensia Restaurant, Angles Restaurant,

Viva showcased my article on South Beach Wine and Food Festival.

Florida Food & Farm 

WOK STAR on Social Media CHATS:  

What an honor to be invited as the FIRST FoodieChats Facebook interviewee! I love this idea, you’re able to view the complete interview here.FoodieChats was started by Steve Green, President of NetupNow


Coming in at No.3 in Time Out Miami’s Best Cooking Classes in Miami for Wannabe Chefs

 WokStar-EleanorHoh-wok-cooking-Alno-photocredit: ErnestoPazIIIWhat a super honor to be featured as The Entrepreneur: THE WOK STAR in a centerpiece Miami Herald Business Monday!The article was about “Teaching the Culinary Craft” and how I differ from other cooking schools. Yay, Siobhan Morrissey did a great job of capturing my business model. It’s never been about just giving cooking classes, it’s providing a solution to all the mistakes folks make when they attempt wok cooking or showing corporate executives easy, healthy, quick cooking!  There are many different reasons folks want to take my class, so go check out the article here (best viewed on smart phone) and if you’re interested in my classes or my WOK STAR KIT! 

Thanks Laine Doss, food blogger at New Times Miami for promoting my premier live cooking show on Google Plus Hangout with chef/producer Larry Fournillier. Click above for full article.

Thanks Riki Altman, New Times for this article and capturing these shots of many of us who offered tastings at Miami Iron Side Campus.  Their recent exclusive block party was held at their 3-block community of artists, interior designers, showrooms and unique businesses. Visit my Events page for upcoming happenings there.

Edible South Florida magazine

My Cook Like a Wok Star cooking classes got a nice mention in Edible South Florida magazine’s fall issue:  Holiday Gifts with Class  Pick up your issue at Whole Foods or Farmer’s Markets. I sometimes give them out in my classes.

My cooking class as ‘experienced’ by food blogger, Laine Doss from New Times Miami! Click above for the full article.

Jason Jeffers, then editor of Flavorpill loves my ‘magic’ wok. I got invited to be on a Spanish radio talk show about healthy eating from this article!  A first when the host had to translate for me. Many from South America are avid wok cooks!  Click above for the full article.

Jackie Sayet totally hit it on the head with what I am doing with my Wok Star project!  Such an appropriate title, “Asian Home Cooking Demystified, One Wok Star at a Time!”  Click above for the full article.

I’ve been very honored to be included in two top Asian food blogger’s recent cookbooks by Bee Yinn Low and Jaden Hair.  Two friends I initially met through Twitter which shows you the power of social media.

Bee Yinn Low of Rasamalaysia invited me to write “Seasoning a Cast Iron Wok”, I hope her fans will enjoy it. As a cooking teacher myself, I find her recipes wonderfully easy to follow and I don’t even use recipes!  I was lucky enough to be a tester for her Fragrant Eggplant dish. Her book will be launching Saturday, September 10 in the USA but you can also preorder like I did on Amazon. She and I are launching together, my new website and her book!

Jaden Hair of Steamykitchen is sassy, humorous and strong minded but always has time to give advice, so when Jaden called me to talk about my Wok Star Kit, I was very honored.  Well, I didn’t realize she was going to include me in her cookbook (p.16) and list me as a resource (p.156) for preseasoned cast iron woks!!! She discovered my portable gas stove was more powerful than her regular gas stove! Having Jaden endorse my Kit and stove is huge, I’m doubly honored.


Tiger Beer Superbowl
Finnegan’s River, January 2007 Eleanor was invited to do cooking demonstrations paired with Tiger Beer for a VIP Reception hosted by Anheuser-Busch during the Superbowl celebrations. Gary Cuica, executive director of Coconut Grove Art Festival shows off his wok skills.

Tiger Beer /Wok Star Tour, October 2007
Kicking off the Asian Lunar New Year, Eleanor visited eight Sweetbay Supermarkets in Tampa-St. Petersburg metropolitan area.  Tiger Beer sponsored the tour and created a sweepstakes to give away thirty Wok Star Cooking Kits.   Eleanor says Tiger Beer was the perfect sponsor because, “In Asia, cold beer is the favorite drink to serve with spicy Asian food.”

Tiger Beer 3rd Annual Chili Crab Festival, August 2006
An amazing Singapore-like street fair attended by about 5,000 who enjoy Southeastern food stalls, kickboxing, lion dancers, carnival games and live bands. Why Chili Crab?  It’s Singapore’s national favorite dish and always paired with an ice, cold Tiger Beer.

Fresh Del Monte, Epicure Market, Sunny Isles 2009

Fresh Del Monte and Eleanor created a video for Pineapple Fried Rice using their Gold Extra Sweet Pineapple. You can rate and add your comment! Eleanor is constantly asked how to make this all-time favorite dish.  She was invited by Epicure Market to demonstrate this dish during Chinese New Year. People were surprised how delicious and sweet adding pineapple to fried rice was.


Common Threads is a wonderful program so Eleanor was honored to be invited to give a cooking class to 8-12 yr. olds at W.J. Bryan Elementary in North Miami. The kids enjoyed doing all the prep and fought to get a chance at stir frying this healthy, Pineapple Stir Fried Rice dish using brown rice!

Fairchild’s Food and Garden Festival, May 2010

I was invited to give a cooking demonstration and blog about Fairchild Garden’s 2nd Annual Food and Garden Festival.

Eleanor loves giving live presentations because it gives her a chance to interact with people and find out problems people have with stir frying in a wok! Her demo was very well attended with standing room only and over 60 signed up for her free newsletter!  There were a lot of questions posed mostly by guys!


This Supper Club is an opportunity for Eleanor’s students and anyone interested to celebrate Asian culture and try new eateries.  The chef and Eleanor create a tasting sampler at a great value with drinks sponsored by a variety of beverage companies which have included Fiji Water and Tiger Beer. Best way to get into these gatherings is to subscribe to Eleanor’s free newsletter for the latest gatherings.

Macy’s Star Chefs, The Cellar
Power outages in South Florida are common and Eleanor was ready with her portable gas stove and cast iron wok set up during her presentation at Macy’s!

United Way Center For Excellence, 2009

Getting kids eating healthy is something Eleanor is passionate about. She was invited to give a demonstration to the kids in the afternoon and to parents in the evening. Many kids told her they didn’t like pineapple or veggies but wolfed down the fried rice and asked for more! It just shows you that when food is tasty, they’ll eat it.

Las Olas Wine and Food Festival

Eleanor was honored to be invited as a presenter at the first chef cooking series at the Las Olas Wine and Food Festival.

Coconut Grove Art Festival Culinary Pavilion since 2007

It’s been an honor for Eleanor to present at the Coconut Grove Art Festival Culinary Pavilion. Always huge and attentive crowds eager to learn.

Miami Dade Public Library,

Asia Pacific Heritage Month 2007

Thirty Miami Dade Libraries carry Eleanor’s Hoh Wok Mei Video so it was fitting for her to make a personal appearance during Asia Pacific Heritage Month.  The head librarian said he had never seen the kids so quiet for a speaker.

Intl. Swimming Hall of Fame, “Dreaming of Beijing”
Asian Cultural Festival, May 2008

The 38th Annual Diving Extravaganza kicked off the preview to the Beijing Olympics with top divers from over 24 countries competing. The Asian Cultural Festival featured demonstrations of martial arts, music, dancing, singing and included Eleanor’s wok cooking. ISHOF is the mecca and intl. showplace for swimming, diving, water polo and synchronized swimming. It contains the world’s largest collection of aquatic memorabilia, with videos and interesting tidbits. Eleanor met Bruce Wigo, President and CEO of ISHOF through his Chinese wife, Janet during their auditions for TV commercials.

Bloomingdale’s, Chinese New Year 93

Trying to cook with a flat bottom carbon steel wok on an electric stove resulted in some “soupy” stir frys.  An inferior wok and inadequate heat are reasons that motivated Eleanor to develop her Wok Star Cast Iron Wok Kit and portable butane Gas Stir Fry Stove setup.  Quite a difference from the Macy’s presentation in 2007.

National Adoption Day Picnic, Sunday November 18, 2007

It’s been a lifelong goal of Eleanor’s to help orphans by offering free wok classes to American parents. It’s a great family activity to explore Asian culture and foods but will also help the kids appreciate their heritage. Thanks to Dawn & Jacob Cope for introducing me to this wonderful South Florida Asia Group. They adopted two adorable and beautiful little girls, Lily and Rose.  Dawn’s blog about them is very endearing.

Palm Beach Post video.

Dragon Boat Festival, an annual event

A great event to get a taste of Asian culture and foods. People from all over the world come together for the dragon boat races. Eleanor gives a presentation and donates certificates to raffle off to attend her classes.  Dawn was there with Lily, who was adopted from China and since has adopted a second little girl.

Thanks Dawn Cope for photo.