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WokStar Bundle includes everything for success

WOK STAR BUNDLE – ONLY $216!!! (usually $245)
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Anyone can be successful in the kitchen, eat HEALTHY and have FUN!
I’ve put together a unique Wok Star Bundle to make it easy for you.

To be successful, you need 4 ESSENTIAL elements and those are…

  1. High heat
  2. Right Wok
  3. Right Technique
  4. Quality ingredients

The Wok Star Bundle includes…

Preseasoned Cast Iron Wok, Stainless Steel Lid, Spatula are part of WOK STAR KIT

WOK SET– 15” preseasoned (so you can start cooking right away), lightweight, thin walled, round bottom cast iron wok with lid and spatula with my unique magnetized wok mitts.

INSTRUCTIONSdigital cooking lessons (link will be sent to you) and PDF stir fry crib sheet. My easy, NO-recipe technique provides a foundation to riff off your own creations.

Wok Star Caddy and Dispensers for Squirt, Squeeze, Shake

ORGANIZATION – caddy basket organizer with “Squirt, Squeeze, Shake” dispensers for your Asian seasonings.

SEASONINGS – selected premium brands of seasonings to get you started and save you a trip to the Asian market. I use only 4 seasonings and a few fresh ingredients to make delicious, one-dish, weeknight dinners. Seasonings are based on availability from the sponsors, they are included FREE. 

Russell Dexter Chinese Chef Knife makes you chop like a pro.

KNIFE – A great, sharp knife is key to transforming your prep routine from tedious to effortless! It’s light and stainless steel so it doesn’t rust!  Great for slicing, dicing, chopping and thwacking!

Iwatani-VA3, newest model, 12K BTU portable butane gas stove

STOVE High and well balanced heat is CRUCIAL in wok cooking, an electric stove won’t work. This Iwatani-VA3, portable BUTANE 12,000 BTU Stir Fry Gas Stove is a great solution! Order gas cartridges from my Amazon link.

However, if you own a gas stove with at least 10K BTU, then you only need WOK STAR KIT, check it out HERE! 

Add to your Wok Star experience with a tee or an apron!

Treat yourself or give to a Wannabe Wok Star! 
Great gift from just $18.  Many styles from basic to organic materials in all sizes.

(Shipping included, USA only)
Perfect for the Wok Star! Good quality, embroidered, not screen printed so doesn’t fade. Lightweight, full length apron with 2 pockets, machine washable.

Price: $32.00

Order gas cartridges from my Amazon link. Yes, I’m an affiliate of Amazon which means when you order through this link, I will get a commission. 

Check out my Amazon Wok Star store for more cooking stuff, yummies and Fun Stuff!

Return Policy:
While I love new Wok Stars, I urge you to do your research prior to ordering.   I do not offer a ‘money back guarantee’ because I stand by my product.  Because there is food included in my Kit, it’s not a good idea to have those returned. If you don’t repack it well and anything gets damaged, it’s a problem.  I started this business because my main goal is to see you be successful with wok cooking, that’s it!

Look forward to hearing all your successes!eleanor_hoh_sig

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