I’m very honored to be associated with many major brands who sponsor my Wok Star cooking classes or to include in my Wok Star Kit.  I made a little video to explain why and how I pick the brands I use and recommend.  Wok Stars tell me how much they enjoy opening their Wok Star Kit and say it’s like Christmas!

But most importantly, Wok Stars appreciate I’ve eliminated the hassles of searching and shopping for the right brands.  They also realize it’s very overwhelming visiting an Asian market with tons of choices.  Not all brands are equal, you’ll find out in the video. I’ve included a little detail of each product below.

I’m constantly hunting for new seasonings to introduce to Wok Stars. I’m looking for quality products to enhance and add a kick to our wok dishes!  Just click on the contact button for details how to connect with me.

These are some premium sponsors I’ve had the pleasure of working with…

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Here are my current sponsors…


Barton & Guestier’s Vouvray wine pairs beautifully with my dishes. Everyone tells me they’d never have thought to have Vouvray with Asian dishes.



StampaZonin 1821 wine pairings go well with my modern and light Asian cuisine.  The focus of this collaboration is to demonstrate how well Italian wines transcend into any cuisine.



Voss artesian water from Norway

Excited Voss is my water sponsor.

Some people might not consider water a “cooking ingredient”, but your water can have a significant effect on the flavor of your food. I use it for making my sauces. This way I’m guaranteed to get the purest flavors (absolutely no “coloration” or cholorine taste from the city’s water pipes.) And their PH is 6 which is super, we always want to add as much alkalinity to counteract our acidity, so this is great news!

Many of today’s bottled waters are merely re-filtered from municipal water systems. Voss comes from artesian wells in South Norway (I’ve always wanted to visit!)  To me, Voss is the ultimate, I always carry a bottle when I’m on the road.   They even deliver to your home!

Most importantly, I love that Voss has a foundation to help Africa get access to clean water, sanitation and  hygiene.

Check their website and visit their Facebook page for the latest specials, contests and trips, good luck!

PLEASE NOTE:  Ingredients included in your Wok Star Kit may vary depending on availability from sponsors!



This is the only tamari I use. Good ingredients are essential for a successful stir fry and San-J is the best.

Tamari is equivalent to using salt and is the Japanese version of soy sauce. I have tried many other brands but nothing beats the superior quality of San-J. Check their website for locations where you can pick some up and find out how tamari is made.

I love the Black Label best because of it’s depth and texture and that is what you will get in your Wok Star Kit. It has a thicker consistency so when you marinade your meat, seafood or poultry, it clings instead of just sliding off which tends to happen when you use thinner soy sauce.

Some are concerned about the sodium content and my reasoning is that I do not eat snacks between meals (my mother taught me well and because I did not want to lose my appetite for her wonderful cooking). Savory snacks and a lot of packaged foods have tons of sodium and make you bloat. So, I just save my sodium intake for my mealtimes, no big deal.


I’m really excited about my partnership with Earthy Delights, a wonderful company for gourmet mushrooms, oils, chiles and lots of other goodies.  You have to meet Chef David Eger on Facebook!  Subscribe to his blog, he cooks the dishes, styles and take photos.  Plus he handles their online sales and has the most fabulous sense of humor.

Facebook is where you’ll find their Specials and latest updates.



Mushrooms are my favorites, I like them fresh and dried.  They have different tastes.  Why use dried when you can get fresh?  Well, their taste and texture are different.  Dried mushrooms are so handy to have around, they never spoil for one thing. Earthy Delights offers these wonderful dried gourmet mushroom samplers so you can test which one you like.  Each packet comes with instructions for rejuvenating them, how best to use them and a recipe. I always stock some in the pantry.

I enjoy experimenting with them in stir frys, soups, stews and any way I can use them, I will! When you order my Wok Star Kit, you’ll get either dried oyster or shitake mushrooms, everyone I know who’s used these are addicted to the incredible flavor they add to their dish!

Visit my blog for dishes where I’ve used these delightful fungi!




With Asian sauces, there are many brands that have MSG or are a tad sweet, which makes your food gummy and “chop suey” (Chop Suey is not a Chinese dish, watch a sample video clip from Ho Wok Mei for the explanation). Koon Chun has a nice selection and I have been using this brand since my childhood in Hong Kong which is actually where it is manufactured.

The most common request I’m constantly asked is how to make sauces. That’s the beauty of my NO-RECIPE technique, once you start with my TSPC basic ingredients, you can make tons of variations. So, I’ve included hoisin and brown bean sauces in your Wok Star Kit because I use them on both my DVDs: “Wok Star” and Ho Wok Mei.

Also, check my Wok Tips page for a delicious steamed ground turkey (Chinese meat loaf) which uses Koon Chun’s Umeboshi plums.  Steaming is another way to use your wonderful cast iron wok.





The minute I tried one of their Dark Chocolate Nuts and Sea Salt Bar, I was HOOKED.  When I’m hungry, I like savory, not sweet and ALL protein bars I’ve tried are too sweet and goopy!  Now that I have to be very careful with my carb and sugar intake, having the convenience of a healthy protein bar is so important. It’s not full of yukky fillers, when you bite into them, you immediately taste nuts and wholesome ingredients. Protein is what fuels my energy, so I’m delighted to be able to carry these around to munch on whenever I’m hungry.  I’m including   these in your Wok Star Kits,I know you’ll love them. You can get them at most health stores.




DelMonteI partnered with Del Monte Fresh to make this special Pineapple Fried Rice! Pineapple is what makes this Fried Rice so special and sweet!  Here’s the Pineapple Fried Rice Video.