This baby photo of me was taken soon after my family escaped to Hong Kong. I’m sitting on my Dad’s piano stool. Hand tinted photos were quite the style then (I didn’t really have matching shoes and lipstick.)

I was born in Canton, China, the youngest of three sisters and a brother.  In 1954, my family escaped to Hong Kong with me on my mother’s back and few possessions.  I grew up in Hong Kong and studied in England where I  began a career in the computer industry.  After 12 years of training people to adopt this new technology I embarked on an entrepreneurial journey that started in Key West, Florida.

I try to approach everything with a “beginner’s mind”, a Zen practice meaning to see things with fresh eyes (instead of as an “expert” who knows it all). From personal experience, I’ve discovered how to hit the “hot buttons” when it comes to teaching (and learning).

I have an ability to reorganize complicated topics into a simple structure  and makes it easy for people to understand. My first experience with this was helping secretaries overcome the fear of losing their jobs to computers. My simple approach to teaching convinced the secretaries not only to adopt the technology but to embrace it.

To help these pre-administration instructors in understanding and forming their training the last year Secondary English course plot was created around the development of writing gatherings and research writing ventures. These examination writing ventures depended on the idea of research as writing. As Secondary English instructors at our website it was viewed as significant that they found out about the writing procedure just as the exploration procedure. The primary subjects which were investigated in the writing ventures was comprehensive showing systems, basic writing procedures, express instructing of kind, appraisal and the educating of social legacy writings. The exploration writing ventures were purposely organized more than five phases which related with the pre-administration instructors’ time at college and on two practicum encounters.

My next entrepreneurial adventure was a Chinese cooking school in Key West that took the “fear out of frying” for hundreds of students.  This was the traditional ‘hands on”, chop-and-chat format using recipes.  But I realized people seldom ventured past the recipes I gave them, so I created a “roadmap” that encouraged people’s creativity.

I grew up in a large family where dinnertime was an important time of the day. My mother was Portuguese/ Malaysian and cooked delicious dishes from all over Asia.

With “Wok Star”,  I developed a visual approach to cooking.  It’s the difference between having a road map (my visual approach) versus having a list of directions (recipes). My own personal trials and tribulations of learning from my mother (who never used recipes) gives me empathy for people who rely on recipes.  I promise, once you start to “squirt, squeeze and shake” your ingredients, you’ll love the freedom of cooking without measuring.

The most rewarding experience for me is to hear success stories from students on how they’ve taken my “Wok Star” approach to develop their own wok creations. From busy working professionals to people who avoid cooking, my goal is to introduce the world to the joys of cooking without recipes or measuring and I guarantee once you try it, you will be hooked!

Eleanor Hoh, TV Producer, Actress, Model… Since 1993, I have appeared in front of and behind the camera. I’m a SAG actor and model and have been featured as a principal in numerous national television commercials (Slim Fast, MCI, Office Depot). I’ve produced over 200 half hour shows focusing on Miami Beach.

This was in 1970’s, London, my first career was in the computer industry. I was a pioneer in the field of word processing training, traveling internationally to launch products and train other trainers.














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Eleanor donates cooking class certificates to many good causes she believes in which include Amercian Cancer Society, ARC (Association for Retarded Citizens), Big Brothers Big Sisters, Charlee, Diabetes Research Institute, FIAC, Foster Care, The Education Fund, United Way, Women In Distress, YMCA, and many more.

Eleanor also offers FREE cooking classes to adoptive parents of Asian children.  Please click on contact and email Eleanor for more details.