Transform Your Cooking Experience

Fast, Easy, Healthy, No-Recipe Cooking Class with Eleanor Hoh

Join me for a UNIQUE EXPERIENCE in beautiful design showrooms and unique spaces in Miami and learn my style of cooking that will transform your cooking experience and make you a STAR, a WOK STAR!

It’s PERFECT for busy lifestyles and ADAPTABLE to any diet.

Unable to attend? Take my Online class, details below. 

My goal is to help you succeed, I’ve taught thousands over the last 25 years who’ve struggled with…

  • wanting fast, healthy, easy dinners 
  • wanting to lose weight 
  • wanting to stir fry like a pro 

Hi, I teach in upscale kitchen design showrooms in S. Florida and will be uploading classes to online learning sites. So, take a class with me soon.  WokStarKitBundle-7812

What makes my Wok Star cooking class different?
I’m teaching TECHNIQUE so you only need ONE CLASS vs learning just a few recipes and have to keep taking classes to learn more recipes.

I’m not a chef and never attended culinary school, I’m a Wok Star and I’ll show you how ANYONE can be one! I learned to cook from my mom whose instructions were, “it’s just a little bit of this and that,” you’ll learn to cook like her! 


You’ll be able to…
– riff off your own creations like a rock star, NO recipes or measuring required.
– apply my technique to any recipe or ethnic dishes you enjoy.
– make dishes with only 4 seasonings and a few fresh ingredients.
– stir fry like a pro with one-dish dinners in under 30 minutes.

I’ll explain 4 ESSENTIAL elements to help you succeed AND I’ve put them all in a WOK STAR KIT BUNDLE which will be available for purchase so you can put into practice what you learned and start cooking right away when you get home.

Watch this and you’ll understand why I do what I do…

The most common complaints I hear about weeknight cooking?
– I don’t have enough time
– I don’t know what to cook?
– I hate cleaning up
– I’m sick of eating out
– I don’t like eating alone

I’ll deal with complaints from those who’ve done some wok cooking…
– why are my veggies so soupy?
– can I use my wok on my electric stove?
– why does food stick in my wok?

Why do I use a wok to cook with? 
My mother originally taught me to cook using a cast iron wok and I’ve discovered it’s the best pan for cooking most anything. High heat and fast cooking techniques make cooking with a wok extremely efficient and practical.  Cast iron gives flavor, texture and color to your food, so important if you want tasty food.

It’s so rewarding to hear from people who say my Wok Star Kit and cooking techniques have TRANSFORMED their entire approach to cooking and eating — the best compliment I could ever ask for.

I love hearing success stories from corporate executives who find my easy style of cooking actually relaxing or from those who’ve lost weight who never liked eating vegetables now enjoy crispy, yummy vegetables or from wok enthusiasts who’ve tried every permutation till they started using my WOK STAR KIT & GAS STOVE SETUP and finally succeeded in getting their stir fry with authentic flavors.  My favorite are single guys who’ve impressed their dates with their slicing, dicing and stir fry skills while keeping it healthy!

For me, cooking sparks fond and delicious memories of cooking with my mom and sisters, and conversations around the dining table, a legacy I want to pass onto you.

Ready to SIMPLIFY your cooking, never worry about “what’s for dinner”, eat healthy and spend quality time with family and friends, sign up for a class!

Please visit the tabs at the top for… 
Menu, Agenda; Schedule & Buy Tickets and Who It’s For!

Can’t wait to meet you in my next class!

If you’re unable to attend a physical class, I created a digital class so you can access from anywhere, anytime or your phone or computer. 

Here’s a half price discount code to Udemy, the largest learning site to learn anything.  I would appreciate your 5 Star review and what you liked most about my class.

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TV Appearances: NPR, Martha Stewart Living, Fox and Friends, ABC, NBC, CBS, PlumTV and Chat Chow TV.  You can see more media mentions here.

I love hearing  from folks who’ve attended my classes, keep them coming… 

Wok so much…can’t tell you enough how much you have changed my eating habits and inspired so much enjoyment for cooking. 🙂 Eric, OBGYN

I am happy to report that I have already cooked 2 delicious dishes in the wok! You must understand that I hate cooking and this is the first thing that has made me excited about the kitchen in a VERY long time.  Natasha, estate planning. 

Your class was fabulous…We’ve cooked three meals with your wok and instructions and it gets better each day…You added a new dynamic to our home…We’ll be sending you many new Wok Star students in the near future. Thank you again and again….Shelly, ex-restaurant owner.

Writing input. If you need help writing like I do, check out
Here’s her funny perspective of my class she wrote for Miami New Times,

What’s on the Menu?

We’ll make three dishes demonstrating stir-fry combinations
and wok cooking techniques.

The class menu doesn’t change much except switching seasonal vegetables. Feel free to BYOB (BRING YOUR OWN WINE)! We’ll have glasses. 

Let me know any food allergies or diet restrictions PRIOR to payment and registration…see menu below.

I teach technique, NOT recipes.

Anyone with shrimp or serious food allergies that require an epi pen should NOT attend this class. 

Please note: If you have strict dietary requirements, religious restrictions; are salt sensitive, soy sensitive or are pregnant, I am unable to accommodate you with the menu selections due to the nature of this style of wok cooking, sorry! 

Vegetarian or vegan?  I can bring tofu but not if you’re soy sensitive.

All dishes use some of these seasonings, I’ve provided their websites so you can check ingredients in detail. I use only the best! I also use garlic and ginger, scallions in ALL dishes. 

San-J tamari (Japanese soy sauce, non GMO, no MSG, glutenfree), sherry, white pepper, cornstarch.
Koon Chun’s hoisin and brown bean sauce, non GMO, no MSG, both contain gluten.
Huy Fong Chili Garlic Sauce has NO MSG.

  • Appetizer: Rainbow Lettuce Wrap with ground turkey and a combination of crunchy, bright colored bell peppers, chayote, jicama, scallions with hoisin sauce & topped with toasted pumpkin seeds.
  • Easy, One-Dish Dinner: Simple Stir fried Bok Choy or Chinese Broccoli, Shrimp, Shitake Mushrooms and Cashews.
  • Versatile Wok Dinner: Corvina or Tilapia in Spicy Brown Bean Sauce with Zucchini, Yellow Squash and Red Bell Peppers.  Because a cast iron wok is wide and deep, you can easily fill it with sauce to ‘poach’ the fish.


Agenda for the class…

Upon arrival, you’ll meet and mingle with fellow classmates while savoring my signature Rainbow Lettuce Appetizer.

Is this a hands on class?

This is a Master Class, it’s very interactive but NOT hands on, you won’t have a station each nor will there be any chopping.  Many guests will have a turn to stir fry with their own wok and gas stove and practice how to stir fry like a pro!

After introductions, you’ll learn…

My easy roadmap approach to cooking

Asian cutting techniques

How to make a basic marinade and sauce

Five key points of successful stir frying 

Best Asian food brands and where to find them.

Importance of using right techniques and right tools


Ready to Cook Like A Wok Star?
easy, healthy, fast, no-recipe technique class
for busy lifestyles and adaptable to any diet

Due to the Corona pandemic, all physical classes are cancelled until further notice. 

Good news though, I’m excited to create Zoom LIVE classes so anyone from anywhere can join me!

It’s been my dream to reach a worldwide audience.

A virtual class does away with travel, baby sitter issues, so many obstacles to coming to a physical class. I have over 500 on my wait list who’ve not made it to my class all these years. So, I really, really hope a virtual class will make it more convenient and practical for you to attend! 

Watch this space for upcoming schedule.

I’d love your help figuring things like…
What time of day is best?
How long should class be? 

My physical class took 3 hours because there was chatting, eating etc. 

I already have a ONE HOUR Digital Class on Udemy which is a superb option. CLICK HERE for more details! 

I think people’s attention span is so stretched, I think maybe 1 1/2 hours is good so there’s time for Q&A. 

I’d also like to give CREATIVE classes for Wok Stars (people who’ve taken my class and have my KIT) and focus more on the CREATIVE THOUGHT PROCESS – Idea and Execution. Fun and resourceful ways to cook! 

Those are just some ideas, feel free to share your thoughts in comments below and do it soon, thanks in advance. See you at a class! 


Here are wonderful experiences from food bloggers who’ve attended my classes…

MiaBites by Jen Massolo, so good to hear from someone who’s done some wok cooking and know the difference!

Miami Food Pug with Dianne Rubin and Geoff Anderson. Wow, what an amazing gallery of photos so you really get to see some “behind the scenes” from my class, thank you.

Reviews from health consultants…

The Mindful Palate by Nutrition Consultant Ulla Schindler

The South Florida Sage from a Dietitian Holly Ryan’s perspective, also a foodie blogger. 


Beautiful kitchen design showrooms and interesting spaces that host my classes…

Can’t wait to meet you…

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This class is perfect for anyone looking for easy, fast, healthy meals.  Corporate executives, wok enthusiasts, busy parents,  health-conscious eaters — all will learn immensely helpful skills! The wok cooking techniques I teach are adaptable to any diet.


Left to Right: William, an IT executive; Galena, a journalist; Wayne, business owner and Robert, an attorney.

photo credit: Gretchen Kitchen

Specifically, the following people have been enthusiastic attendees of my healthy cooking classes in Miami:

•  Busy professionals and business executives who love fast, healthy meals.
•  Corporate groups looking for a healthy, fun, engaging team-building or cooking competition opportunity.
•  Wok enthusiasts who’ve tried various woks but weren’t successful!
•  Asian food lovers who want to make it at home!
•  People looking to lose weight or get healthier — or those looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
•  Families who enjoy cooking and eating together.
•  Moms with picky kids who need inspiration to eat their veggies.
•  Single guys who like to show off their cooking skills to dates while keeping it healthy.
•  Home cooks looking to change up their cooking routines.
•  Anyone who dislikes cooking, following recipes or cleaning up.