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Cooking teacher and creator of Wok Star Kit. I love showing easy, healthy, quick eats without recipes or measuring.

Grilled Korean Style Kalbi Short Ribs, Wok Star Way

Kalbi, curry quinoa and stir fried baby bok choy

If you’re craving ribs with Asian flavors and you want it fast, I’ve got the PERFECT ANSWER – Grilled Korean Kalbi Short Ribs, done Wok Star Way.  My goal is always about the shortest way to achieve 3 things when cooking. Get authentic flavors by simplify long lists of ingredients and shorten the cooking process….

Nearly Homemade Duck Noodle Soup in under 30 minutes

Nearly homemade duck noodle soup

While you were all watching Super Bowl, I made this delicious Nearly Homemade Duck Noodle Soup in under 30 minutes! The Yu Choy and mushrooms I got from that new Chinese market, IFresh in North Miami were so good. And roast duck from King Palace. Quick and easy! Try it for weeknight especially when it’s…

Chinese New Year 2020 Roundup in Miami by Wok Star Eleanor Hoh

The most comprehensive round up of Miami Chinese restaurants and events to celebrate Year of the Rat! Biltmore Hotel, Granada Ballroom, Coral GablesFriday, Jan.24: 7pmSpecialty Cocktail, Chinese Buffet Dinner, Dancing, Lucky Charms and Fun.$10 Cash Bar for all other libations.Members: $45; General Public: $55Must purchase tickets online. Tickets will not be sold at the door!MUST…

Society BBQ for ALL!

Society BBQ: Pork Ribs and Brisket Platter

Community, part of a club… I asked Chef Richard Hales why the name “Society” for his latest food concept? “I like that Society is about community but also a reference to being part of a club.  BBQ and the love of it is definitely a club. I’m always about community and how my ideas for…

Induction Wok Stove, Greatest Invention Since Fire!

Wok Star recommends an induction wok stove

As a cooking teacher, I talk about four ESSENTIAL elements to successful wok cooking: a good wok, the right technique, quality ingredients and most importantly, HIGH HEAT. For the past 20 years,  I’ve recommended the 12K Iwatani butane gas stove. It is the most efficient and practical heat source for wok cooking and the best…

4 Tips to Add Flavor to Any Dish

SPICE RUBS… I ADORE dry spice rubs, how did Chef Patty Ruiz know? She brought me a gift of her three handcrafted spices: Harissa Dry Spice Rub, Zaatar Spice Blend and Chinese Five Spice Blend.  If you’re in Miami, she also gives cooking instructions and can create a magical event for you, her styling is…