Wok Star Supper Club, huge success at Drunken Dragon

Thank you everyone who came out to celebrate my Wok Star Supper Club at Drunken Dragon this past Sunday. Everyone raved about the exotic flavors of each dish, what a successful dinner gathering to conquer the summer blues and celebrate what would have been my mom’s birthday, my mom would have approved!

Crack Ribs was my fav dish, made with sambal, tender, fall off the bone!

Crack Ribs was my fav dish, made with sambal, tender, fall off the bone!

Chef Xavier Torres had a few surprises for us, see menu below. This is the part I love most about organizing these events, I work with the chefs and staff to make it the best experience for you and your taste buds!

We had other surprises, the General Manager, Ryan Hamilton arranged for their art gallery two doors down to be open so we could view some pretty amazing art before going through a back alley to visit Foxhole Bar. It was a lovely evening with 3 activities rolled into one. Thanks also to Alex Tanaka the manager and Alexia Tapanes who was so patient with my wish list. And of course, Voss who hydrated us all evening.

I hope you’ll return and try other dishes and don’t forget their Korean BBQ, and say that’s what you want to do when you make your reservations, not all tables have the BBQ grill.  Visit Drunken Dragon for more details.

Missed my Wok Star Supper Club? You can drool over the photos below. I’ll be organizing more this fall, so stay tuned.

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To find out more about my Wok Star Supper Club (previously called Hoh Wok Club.)
Note: I don’t get paid to organize these events. I do it because I love introducing people to good Asian cuisine in Miami!  I do get 2 complimentary dinners.



Yours truly with talented Chef Xavier Torres, thanks for making it so much fun and so successful!


Tuna Poke Taco was so light and refreshing, a perfect starter and set the tone for what’s to come!


Appetizer: Edamame with black pepper, sea salt, radishes



Appetizer: Salt Roasted Gold and Red Beets with blackberry, pea shoots, miso yogurt, dry miso and red quinoa.


Appetizer: Hamachi with kalamansi ponzu, cashews, orange and grapefruit segments, red onion and mint. Thanks VOSS for hydrating us.


Appetizer: Lobster Roll, crispy brioche, sriracha aioli, cavier, Bottarga, tarragon.



Entree: Crack Spare Ribs with serondeng sambal, scallion, coriander, red chili.



Entree: Twice Fried Chicken with Asian slaw, Miso Ranch, Red Dragon Sauce.


Taro Truffle Hash with 63 egg, Chinese sausage, corn, snow peas, taro chips.

Sides: Taro Truffle Hash with 63 egg, Chinese sausage, corn, snow peas, taro chips.  Not shown: Drunken Dragon fries with curry salt and truffle aioli.


Stir fry vegetables with sweet soy-ginger sauce and garlic salt.

Stir fry vegetables with sweet soy-ginger sauce and garlic salt.


Visit to Market Gallery after dinner and Foxhole Bar through an alley wrapped up this 3 event evening!


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