How to clean crust and restore cast iron wok

Never fear if a little crust forms when cooking in your cast iron wok! Sometimes, when you use fermented ingredients like tamari or high sugar content like onions, they can form a little crust. My short, 2 1/2 min. video shows you how to scrape the crust off, wash it out and restore your cast iron wok, so easy.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve come across this and what you were cooking when it happened?  If you try my method, did it work for you?

July Events – Wok Star Picks (Updated)


Check back for more updates and get the RSS feed! NIKKI BEACH MIAMI PRESENTS INDEPENDANCE BEACH PARTY, BBQ and FIREWORKS Saturday, July 4 Nikki Beach One Ocean Drive, Miami Beach noon – 11pm, 21+ Tickets start at $20.00, burgers start at $10.00 Full details and to purchase tickets here Explosive beats, over-the-top BBQ, and a…

How To Make Tofu Crispy and Tasty!


The secret to crispy tofu? Use extra firm tofu, not the Japanese silken type which is too soft.  Another secret? Use hot oil to deep fry and remove tofu cubes the minute they turn a light golden color. It will result in a wonderfully crispy outer texture. Crispy tofu is a dish even kids and…

Cooking Classes in Florida & Beyond!


I’ve gathered a comprehensive list of cooking classes in S. Florida for you! Cooking classes are a great way to meet new people especially if you’re new in town (you really get to meet the “locals”.) There’s nothing like learning a style of cooking in a short period of time.  Reading a recipe from a cookbook…

Why Skirt Beef is Best for Stir Frying (Updated)!


How often have you drooled at the thought of a beef stir fry and then been disappointed with your results? Just because it’s “steak” doesn’t mean it’s good for stir frying!  In my cooking class, I’m often asked what’s the best cut of beef for stir frying. The secret to getting your beef tender and…

May Events


Wok Star picks for May, enjoy, get rss feed for latest updates! Miami IronSide Campus Collective Party Fete Du Design Friday, May 14, 7-10pm 7610 NE 4th court, Upper Eastside, FL 33138 Ironside’s spectacular showrooms and studios will be showcasing art, design and creativity along their 10 block campus just for one night!  Stroll through and…