Proper Sausages, Support Local Artisans

Happy Easter!  Today’s breakfast of champions was a  joint effort! My hubby wok fried the cheese, scallion omelet while I grilled The Dub sausage, plum tomatoes and coordinated the plating. Wok cooking is a brilliant way to spend time with your loved one in the kitchen.  You must have seen my numerous postings on Instagram and  Facebook of my hubby’s weekend breakfast extravaganzas!

WokStar-Easter-breakfast-500I like to support local entrepreneurs/chefs so I was excited Chef Freddy & his lovely Brit wife, Danielle opened their new butcher store, Proper Sausages right on the main drag in Miami Shores. Even the store front with black & white stripe awning, swaying tree reminded me of butcher shops in England. Their logo with two piggies oink, oink are adorable, my fav protein! They pride themselves as being Miami’s Only Artisan Sausage Maker. Congratulations Freddy and Danielle, I know it’s a LOT of work, so nice job!

ProperSausages-meats2-500Yesterday, when I stopped into the store, there was Berkshire bacon, Florida Jackman Ranch Skirt Steak, Filet Mignon and Rib Eye, you can request specials by calling ahead! There was a nice selection of organic wines. It was later in the afternoon when I went, so there was less choice and I didn’t see any eggs but they do carry them. Lesson learned? Go early! Click here for more.

They also stock Berkshire bacon, Wagyu beef and a variety of locally sourced meats! Excited they make so many different and interesting flavored sausages like The Lamb and Date, The Prune & Cognac, The Fig & Blue Cheese, The Dub. I had a hard time deciding, so I bought all these to try! They are so organized, the label not only lists ingredients but how to prepare the sausages. Click here for full selection and descriptions!

ProperSausages-meats-500There was a special Easter Lamb Burger which we’ll have for lunch today. Dreaming up ways to use bacon that will sop up all the fat. I can’t wait to devour all the goodies and run back to try other offerings from this super store! Go check it out and support our local artisans, enjoy!

Come back to check out what else I cook up with the rest of the stash! I’m already thinking sausage, bacon and shrimp fried rice tonight, yum!

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