Easy, Healthy Lunches to Bring To Work! 

Don’t sweat over lunch ideas for work, here’s one easy and healthy way to stretch ground organic beef that will last you a few days!

You can ‘stretch’ it by adding a few chopped veggies which will bulk it up and at the same time add flavor, color and texture to the ground beef.   Change it up with different veggies or what you find in your fridge and have a nice surprise!

IMG_1050You’ll notice I didn’t add garlic or ginger in this dish! You can if you want, I didn’t because I didn’t want hubby to be breathing it down his students!

A wok is a perfect shape to cook batches of food! However, please don’t overload it because it will lower the heat and your food will become soupy instead of crispy crunchy.

Here’s the game plan…

1. Chop all your veggies and leave on chopping board. For this dish, I had onions, zucchini and tomatoes.

2. Heat the wok till hot, add 3 swirls of oil, add your veggies and near the end of stir fry, sprinkle San-J tamari and a little medium drinking Sherry. Transfer to glass container.

3. If there’s caramelization from tamari, use a wet paper towel and wipe clean before you start cooking the meat.

4. Heat the wok till hot again, add oil, add ground beef. Spread out the beef like a big burger! When golden brown on one side, flip over and use your spatula to break up as much as you can! Sprinkle tamari, Sherry, white pepper, cornstarch and a few teaspoons of chili sauce to give it some oomph!

This is my lazy way of cooking meat, you’ll get much better results if you marinade the meat using the same seasonings prior to stir frying!  This is how I usually show it in my cooking class. However, since we are Wok Stars, we don’t follow rules!

I made this stir fry after dinner and it took about 15 minutes! So worth it because you won’t have to worry about what to bring to work for a few days!

Share what lunch ideas work for you or let me know what would help you with more lunch ideas?


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