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Shelley-Belly’s Wok Beef Rendang (Updated)

Shelley-Belly is a foodie chef and a Wok Star!  She made an amazing Indonesian Beef Rendang in her cast iron wok and agreed to share it with us, yay!  I love this chalkboard where Shelley laid out her ingredients & marked them! Shelley-Belly presents extraordinary “underground supper clubs” in Miami and I’ve been lucky enough…

Shelley Belly Underground Supper (Updated)

Well, since this post, Shelley’s moved!  Her next venue is still beautiful with AMAZING views, I can’t divulge, you’ll just have to GO!  You may find it difficult to get IN cause she got into UrbanDaddy (there are enough guests to take her through next year!) and she also got a mention in Ocean Drive magazine….

July Events (Updated)

Keep visiting for more updates for July!  Shelley Belly’s Underground Supper Club! Wow, wow, wow!  This ‘underground supper club’ my husband and I went to is exactly how we like to ‘experience’ a dinner.  Small and intimate so you get to know your fellow diners in beautiful surroundings and get pampered in the highest order….