Wok Star Kit

Price: $145.00

Wok Star Kit

My  WOK STAR KIT will help you achieve delicious, homestyle dinners in thirty minutes with little cleanup.

One of the essential elements of wok cooking is high heat!

If you own an electric cooktop, it will not work with a round bottom wok. Please read “A Note About Your Heat Source” on the Stir Fry Stove page so you’ll understand why!

If you already own a gas stove with at least 10K BTU, you’ll just need my Wok Star Kit but here are tips for best results!

If you REALLY want to succeed, I’ve put together a WOK STAR KIT BUNDLE which includes Wok Star Kit (everything below) plus a portable Iwatani 12K butane gas stove and knife, go check it out.

Here’s what are included in your WOK STAR KIT:

Preseasoned Cast Iron Wok, Stainless Steel Lid, Spatula are part of WOK STAR KIT

15″ Seasoned (so you can start cooking right away), Lightweight, thin walled, round bottom Cast Iron Wok with stainless steel lid, spatula & my unique magnetic wok mitt set.

Hours of audio/video instructions (video links will be sent) plus a Stir Fry Crib Sheet (currently revising, so a PDF will be sent). My easy, no-recipe, no-measuring, no-calorie counting technique will make your cooking FUN and CREATIVE.

Wok Star Caddy and Dispensers for Squirt, Squeeze, Shake

Caddy Basket Organizer with 3 “squirt, squeeze, & shake ” dispensers for your Asian seasonings.

I’ve personally selected premium brands of seasonings and ingredients to get you started and save you a trip to the Asian market.  They are based on availability, click here to find out more about them!

Ready to be a WOK STAR  and put the fun back into cooking?

Price: $145.00

Hearing from new Wok Stars is so rewarding, it makes all the hard work worthwhile!

“I started out to find a quality non-stick frying pan for my wife. There were many options and then I thought about getting a wok (a flat bottom one since we have an electric glass cook top). Certainly not the best solution for stir-frying. Then I ran across your website. The butane portable gas stove was what sealed the deal for me along with your pre-seasoned cast iron wok…Now, I’m a type 2 diabetic and must watch my sugar intake. I’m going to enjoy planning and preparing my healthful meals. BTW, you have a well-constructed website. Thank you kindly,” Hugh

“I have been searching online for “round bottom wok” …lots of responses … but I can say this: my dear eh … I am profoundly impressed by your digital entrepreneurship and the intelligence of your website!!!  I am SO happy to have found you,” Ralph 

“I felt that you were really genuine and dedicated to your craft, sharing your experience, and helping others find satisfaction in cooking with a good quality wok…I love that you take the time to explain why you are so insistent about recommending a very specific product.  In general, I respond to real people who are passionate about what they do.  When I saw your website, I knew I wanted to support you.  I thought of this as an investment in something that we will use often, will enjoy using, and hopefully will get many years of use out of.” Nathan

Great Gift Idea

My Wok Star Kit is a great gift for newly weds, people with small kitchens, single people, college kids  who share kitchens, campers, RV’ers and boaters.  Professionals, working mothers, and busy singles who are always short of time find this style of cooking particularly appealing.  My foolproof techniques are easy enough for beginners but the exotic flavors provide a new challenge for experienced “foodies”.  It’s also a tasty alternative for those trying to adopt a healthier diet but are bored with bland, boiled or steamed vegetables.

In almost every class, I have students who already own woks and feel they don’t have the budget to buy another wok.  But when they taste the results that come out of my wok, or experience the pleasure of using a LIGHTWEIGHT wok, they change their minds.  Here’s some ideas for using your retired wok:  a planter, salad bowl, serving dish, regift it, donate to charity store…

The Wok Star Kit makes a great gift because you’re not just giving an object that will sit on a shelf.  You’re introducing people to a new experience.  They’ll be thinking of you every time they use it.

“I’m very excited to get started using the wok.  I’m a registered dietitian and I also do counseling for patients (weight control, diabetes, high cholesterol, etc).  I think I could get my patients and students to eat more vegetables and lean meats/fish if they had an easy way to do it.   I think this could do it for them.  But I need to be proficient to be convincing. Can’t wait to get it. Thanks,” Leisa  

“I wanted to take just a minute and thank you for the Wok Star kit we bought at your class.  I think that kit essentially saves the buyer from making all the mistakes in the book, which I have made, and I wish I’d gotten it way back when I first started to enjoy Asian cooking.  First I bought a wok with a flat bottom for an electric stove, that could never get hot enough overall, but had several spots where everything burned. Then I tried a nonstick — big mistake.  At high temps, the nonstick comes off and into your food.

Then I bought some cast iron-ware: a skillet, dutch oven, and wok.  The wok was great, except it took a while to heat up, took a long time to cool down, and was so heavy that my wife couldn’t lift it.  It took both of us to cook with it.

You’ve found the perfect items, and the wok is fantastic — cast iron, heats fast and holds enough heat that it doesn’t cool down upon adding the food items; it’s got a very nice nonstick coat building up with the seasoning, and it’s light enough for non-weightlifters to use.  With your kit and the butane stove, we’ve got the perfect setup now.  I just wish I hadn’t wasted all that money before finding your kit and stove!”  Thanks so much!  Joe & Cristina in Florida City