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Salad Stir Fry

Clearing fridge to accommodate food for my cooking class came up with a surprise stir fry! I had mostly salad vegetables: snow peas, radish, Persian cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, onion & red bell peppers. So, I decided to fry them in duck fat & sprinkled black sesame seeds right at the end. Just goes to show,…

Weekday Lunch Tips

If you have a small selection of salad fixings, it’s so EASY to pull lunch together! Start with field greens, I always buy box ones instead of in a bag, they ‘last’ longer. Then toppings like mini sweet peppers, sugar snap, cucumber, radish for color & crunch. Tomatoes, carrots, cut them in different shapes for…

Miso Soup & Salad

Tip for making quick, tasty lunches? Have a few ingredients handy like miso paste & soup in cartons, walnuts, all have good shelf life. Scallions is a must, they garnish, add a punch to everything plus give chicken breast & yellow miso soup some color! Don’t be afraid to use leftover cooked vegetables to salad….