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Pork Belly, Soba, Bok Choy

Just sunk my teeth into my first bite of this pork belly, heaven, ummmmm!!! Mom would be proud, it was one of my dad’s favorite Hakka dishes. Tender but still had texture with all the right flavors, oh forgot to mention the mui choy (preserved mustard greens.) Exactly how I remembered it. I skipped marinating…

Pork belly tasting

Wow, be prepared for a ton of oil when you cook pork belly! Just had a little taste, this has the perfect layer. Not tender enough. Sent from my iPhone

Joe’s Bar & Grill’s Burger

Such gorgeous weather, decided to have lunch on the water with view. Tiki bar in Hollywood. Pleasantly surprised w/ quality of burger. Perfectly crispy on exterior but still moist on inside. HUGE, not sure how one person can eat it. Came with HUGE platter of fries, slaw. We didn’t want fries but took home, I’ll…

Thanksgiving Day Lunch: Singapore Noodles

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#meatlessmonday Amy’s 4 cheese pizza & salad

So late, had to pull this together quickly. Finally made #meatlessmonday: Amy’s pizza with four cheeses! Fortunately, already had my balsamic dressing made. Topped field greens, my simple pickled jicama, zucchini, carrots, tomatoes with red onion, toasted pumpkin seeds & crispy shallots. Sent from my iPhone

Egg on paratha – delish!

Make do with what you have leads to new food inventions! Same philosophy I apply to how I teach wok cooking. I ran out of bread, so I used paratha for breakfast this morning to mop up my egg. It was like a burrito! Turned out delish…more photos later. Sent from my iPhone