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Double Spicy! Toufu and Sausage

Always fun using odds and ends to make lunch! Today, I found a red bell pepper, half a tomato, scallions. I needed to use up the toufu and chicken sausage. Well, I’d forgotten the sausage is already spicy and decided to sprinkle my favorite MySpiceSage curry powder and San-J tamari to the toufu!!! My mouth…

Repurposed Rainbow Appetizer to Yummy Curry Dinner!

Rainbow Appetizer ingredients leftover from my cooking class yesterday were shouting to be repurposed into a curry dinner for tonight! Even had leftover diced garlic, ginger and some scallions. I didn’t even have to pull out my chopping board. Notice, I didn’t even have any rice or carbs! So light and refreshing. Using same technique…

Curry Grilled Pork, Cauliflower Stir Fry Was A Hit!

Curry powder(my fav is from MySpiceSage, so fresh & intense) on pork shoulder is so intoxicating when it hits the grill. My fav are dry rubs cause they crisp up the meat. So easy, just salt, then sprinkle curry powder, under hot broiler till golden brown & crispy both sides. I recently saw on Dr….