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Iwatani Gas stove is the PERFECT SOLUTION
for homestyle wok cooking!

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Price: $65.00

You have the best of both heat sources, Iwantani 12,000 btu portable gas stove for wok cooking and electric stove for all your flat pans. Leave it out at all times so it’s convenient. Photo: Yanni Georgoulakis at Italkraft Aventura.

HIGH HEAT is one of the four essential elements for a successful stir fry.  The other three are good ingredients, the right technique and the right wok i.e. cast iron wok which comes in my Wok Star Kit Bundle. There were so many issues to resolve, that when I came across this portable butane stove, I realized it was the perfect answer… “Ah yah!!!” (Cantonese for “Eureka”).

If you’re not having success with your stir frying (e.g., soupy stir frys), there are many reasons…

  1. not enough heat (wok hei)
  2. using the wrong material wok i.e. heavy cast iron, so takes a while to heat up and to cool down
  3. there’s not enough contact surface area to transfer heat from an electric stove to the round bottom wok.
  4. even if you have a flat bottom wok on an electric stove, it still takes a while to heat up and cool down.
  5. it’s difficult to control the temperature when using an electric stove
Iwatani 12,000 btu Portable Gas Stove.

Iwatani 12,000 btu Portable Gas Stove.

I’m recommending this Iwatani 12,000 btu portable Stir Fry Gas Stove. 

In Asia, we use portable gas stove setups successfully everyday and it’s perfect for the American kitchen.  There are cheaper 7,500 btu stoves out there, but the extra 4500 btu’s this stove gives you provides the extra “oomph” you’ll need for searing meat or heating the wok up quickly. The fit and finish (sturdy stainless steel casing) of this stove is so much better than the cheaper models available in Asian markets or local hardware stores. Their knobs tend to fall off or just stop working, I used to sell this version but stopped after all the problems. I know you’ll find it a much better value. It’s extremely durable and easy to clean.

My students who use my lightweight, thin walled, round bottom cast iron wok and gas stove setup are extremely happy and now understand why they could never succeed in stir frying crispy, crunchy veggies or succulent meat on their electric cooktops.

NOTE: You do NOT need a stand-alone wok station or a special propane high 40,000 btu gas hookup (like the Chinese restaurants who mostly deep fry) to accomplish a successful, homestyle stir fry. Do NOT let restaurant chefs or anyone intimidate you or listen to anyone who say you cannot accomplish stir frying at home. Millions of Asian people do it daily at home!

The Advantages of this Gas Stir Fry Stove are many:

– it’s versatile, practical, cheap, convenient

– you have instantaneous control of your heat.

– most importantly, you’ll have the best of BOTH heat sources… gas for wok cooking, electric for flat pan cooking.

– a “lifesaver” during hurricanes and power outages and it comes with it’s own plastic carrying case so you can take it with you.

– perfect for boating, RVs, and picnics (cooking under the stars is very romantic).

Butane gas is safe for indoor use, caterers and restaurants use these.  The butane gas refills last about 2 hours and cost less than $2, the cheapest is from your local Asian market or from Amazon.  Your actual stir fry only takes about 5 minutes, so you will get many meals from one refill.

A Note About Your Heat Source

Here are some Tips and Techniques  if you have a residential gas stove.

Here are tips for using the Iwatani Stir Fry Gas Stove.

Propane gas is not allowed to be used indoors.  Fire laws require propane tanks to be outside of your home at least 25 feet away.

If gas is piped into the house, it costs thousands of dollars to install. One of my students got a quote of $14,000 to retrofit his kitchen for gas.  It was a “no brainer” for him to use my Stir Fry Gas Stove as an inexpensive alternative!