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Find out how Wok Stars Henri and Marisol use their woks for creating unique Chino Latino/Chillean dishes!  Pepe and his wife, Carolina are also Cuban, it’s interesting to hear the different ways people have adapted my approach to suit their own lifestyle. I love it, this is what being a Wok Star is all about.

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Hearing positive feedback from guests after coming to my Wok Star class makes it all worthwhile.
I’m always open to improving my classes and would love to hear your feedback, what you liked and didn’t like. Please click contact.  See what others are saying…

“you accomplished your goal of leaving people with more confidence in their ability to cook for themselves”. Joyce

“I think you were born with this mission to teach how to cook”. Lais

“I liked that you knew everybody’s name and a little bit of history of each person.  It made me relax and open up more to the people next to me because I knew their name and I had something to talk about going off of the history that you gave. I thought it would be to long but the time went by very quickly. It was perfect.”  Scott

“I thoroughly enjoyed your class and learned a lot.  I was particularly pleased with the simplicity of your instructions.  I thought the group was an especially interesting bunch of folks and was impressed by how you were able to engage everyone’s undivided attention and participation.”  Betty King,

“Our group had a great time and we are all still talking about the class. I think Hassia and I will be hosting a joint wok party soon.” Nicole

“We enjoyed the cozy atmosphere and we liked interacting with the group.” Justin

“I have been having a lot of fun with this, and I’m not a cook. It’s even given me more confidence with other kinds of cooking, although I most like to create the Asian dishes within your organized framework.” — Barbara

I thought the class was wonderful. It was a perfect mix of cooking comments and cuisine. Best of luck with your programs. It is a great idea.” Sheah Rarback, UM registered dietitian, Miami Herald columnist

“I had a wonderful time the other night.  What stood out the most was the atmosphere–I LOVED the location!!! I also loved how you made it intimate by remembering everyone and doing the introductions in the beginning – I think that set off a positive and warm evening.”  Julissa