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Wok Star Mitt $20 : Like a Chinese wheel of fortune, you'll get a surprise design when you order because I'm always picking up new fabric designs whenever I travel.

Wok Star Mitt Set $25 : Like a Chinese wheel of fortune, you’ll get a surprise design when you order because I’m always picking up new fabric designs whenever I travel.

$25 (includes shipping, USA Only)!


Price: $25.00

 One Wok Star Mitt Set is included in your Wok Star Kit.
Additional mitt sets can be purchased separately.

I developed this UNIQUE MAGNETIZED WOK MITT  (patent pending), to make the wok easier to handle. I don’t like the big handles on other woks because they make the wok heavy and unbalanced. Bulky oven gloves are awkward and fall off if you take your hands out. Silicone mitts can be slippery and may cause you to lose your grip because you can’t feel the wok.

Note:  be aware the magnet doesn’t work on all metals! Ones that do work are carbon steel and of course cast iron woks.

Dragon is the most popular design esp. with guys!

Right handed folks: magnetized mitt goes on left so you can hold your spatula to fry. Lefties, just turn around.

A unique feature of my wok mitt is the magnet sewn inside of the glove which keeps it attached to the wok even when you remove your hand. For the opposite handle, I have a padded velcro pad which is perfect for rocking the wok (when making omelets) or securely holding the wok with two hands. This  design works really well because my philosophy is to keep the wok LIGHT. Everyone who has this mitt, loves it! In my class, students like to hear the ‘ping’ when the mitt hits the wok, little things please people.

“I am an inventor too in the Post-it(r) Note laboratory. It’s nice to meet a fellow inventor.  Keep on inventing Eleanor!” Dave

“The two mitt sets arrived super quick and I’ve been using them constantly. I absolutely love them! Perfect partnership with my cast iron wok.  I’m really enjoying how well sized they are and the convenience of having my hands free (and safe from being burnt) while the wok is working its magic.” Steve