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Anyone Can Be A Wok Star With The Right Tools And Techniques!

My unique NO-recipe technique allows you to riff off your own creations.
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My goal is to help you succeed…

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This digital class solves many common complaints like…

      • I hate washing up or
          • I don’t have enough time
    • why are my vegetables so soupy?

You’ll be excited to experiment with new ingredients, spices and show off to your family and friends.

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Here are some REVIEWS of HOH WOK MEI (Good Wok Flavor). 

SF Examiner — “Hoh’s philosophy (fresh ingredients, a few simple rules) makes Chinese cooking as easy and natural as eating.”

Library Journal — “Hoh’s philosophy (fresh ingredients, a few simple rules) makes Chinese cooking as easy and natural as eating. Highly recommended for all libraries.”

SF Chronicle —  “…will help you overcome the fear of frying.”

Eating Well — “…a teaching style other videos would do well to emulate…”

Solares Hill — “This video is the next best thing to having your own Chinese mother teach you how to cook.”

Miami-Dade Public Library — “…accessible to the novice but not boring for an accomplished cook.”

Here are some Wok Stars’ feedback…

“It was wonderful not to end up with a big soupy mess, like my previous stir-fry attempts using an electric stove! The wok is great, as is everything else in the kit. Thanks for putting it all together in an easy system!” Robert

“I like your style of wok cooking because it has a healthy fresh spin on cooking. Also you make it fun and easy! Thanks,” Billy

“I usually follow recipes by the letter but learning from you has given me confidence to experiment and make dishes my own. I’m looking forward to cooking and enjoying the looks on the faces of my family with this new found passion.” John

“You have added a wonderful new element to our routine cooking and dining as well as a bump to our many dinner parties,” sincerely Bill and Judy.

“You had such a creative solution to getting high heat for wok cooking.” Jule