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Wok Star Cooking Class

$85 pp

Adaptable to any diet and perfect for busy Corporate Executives!!!
Delicious approach to cooking without recipes, measuring or experience!
WokStarEleanorHohvoted Top Five Cooking Classes in Miami, click for full writeup!
Join Eleanor Hoh
for a unique experience in beautiful spaces,
transform the way you cook and eat,
leave with confidence and chance to purchase my
Ultimate Wok Star Kit
with everything you need to be successful

Cook Like A Wok Star!!!



Hi, I have taught hundreds of people that you can have fun cooking in a wok using my NO-recipe, NO-measuring, NO-calorie counting technique. It’s very liberating! I am not a chef but learned to cook from my mother who introduced me to using a cast iron wok.

My goal is to help you have instant success with wok cooking so it’s ESSENTIAL to have the right wok, right technique, right heat source and good brands of ingredients.  That’s why I put together this Wok Star Kit Bundle which will be offered at 10% discount on the day of the class.   I’ve collected everything in one place so it’s convenient and practical to start your journey to a better, healthier way of eating without fuss or ‘recipes’.

In a 3 hour crash course, you’ll learn my visual roadmap for easy, one-dish dinners so you’ll never wonder “what’s for dinner tonight?”  Using a few fresh ingredients and only 4 seasonings is all you need, so it’s healthy and light with very little cleanup. What’s unique about my cooking class is that it’s not where you get handed recipes for 3-4 dishes and that’s all you’ll learn, read on…

NO-recipe, NO-measuring, NO-calorie counting!

You don’t need recipes for weeknight cooking, once you understand the visual roadmap technique, you will
• eliminate hunting for specific ingredients
• eliminate following directions from a recipe
• substitute and improvise as much as you want!
• adapt this technique to other styles of cooking!


What you’ll expect…

If you think cooking dinner is stressful or a chore, you’ll like my creative approach to cooking.  If you enjoy cooking, you’ll discover new flavors and techniques.  If you’re a novice, you will love this failproof method.  Many tell me it has changed their whole mindset towards cooking and eating. This is not a “hands-on” class but I’ll have two woks and stoves going so many guests get a chance to stir fry, it’s very interactive and engaging!

Your weeknight dinners will be a NO BRAINER plus you’ll enjoy cooking with family and friends!  It’s so rewarding to hear Wok Star success stories, my favorite are from single guys who brag about impressing their dates with their slicing, dicing and stir fry technique!

Dining at home is so much cozier plus you know EXACTLY what’s going into your food and you can cook it exactly how you like it.  Frugal’s never been so delicious!

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Want to go home and become a Wok Star right away?
Then this class is for you. All the important tips and techniques will be shared during the 3 hour class so if you’re coming to learn, better make sure any friends coming with you know you’re there to concentrate on picking up every single tip and technique!  You can socialize with a dinner at another time and show off what you’ve learnt. This way, everyone in the class benefits.

If you have a friend who would like to attend my class but cannot speak English, I suggest you purchase my 3 disc instructional DVDs. Then you can translate for them at your leisure.  Who knows? If there is enough demand, I might even have it translated!

Appeals to:

busy corporate executives: attorneys, doctors, financial or tax advisors, investors

health conscious

moms with picky kids or spouses

frustrated wokker who’ve never succeeded cause of wrong wok or electric stove

foodie/gourmand who enjoy food, wine and travel

singles who want to impress their dates

those who hate cooking, following recipes or cleaning up

adoptive parents with Asian kids

ex-military who’ve lived in Asia and appreciate Asian flavors

Ready to Cook Like a Wok Star?

click schedule, register & pay 

See format and menu (especially if you have allergies or special needs.)

Please email wokstar at eleanorhoh dot com (sorry but it’s to avoid spammers) for Corporate team building events, cooking competitions, spousal programs, wellness programs, marketing campaigns, cooking demonstrations etc.

See you there!



Wok Star Kit with everything you need to get started and be successful!

New Wok Stars!

I love hearing  from folks who’ve attended my classes, keep them coming… 

Now I know why you are a Wok Star.  Thank you for exposing me to your magic.  I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and know I will be not only coming back but becoming a follower of the technique, but once I set up my own apartment. Rosemary, PR Executive

Wok so much…can’t tell you enough how much you have changed my eating habits and inspired so much enjoyment for cooking. :) Eric, OBGYN

I loved learning so many tips from the class, such as frying veggies before meat, needing only TSPC for the basic marinade, and the different way of slicing veggies for wok cooking. Thanks again for a very fun and informative afternoon! Andrea

I had a great time the other day at the class. It was really fun and I learned a lot of new things. I absolutely love the Wok Star kit including the stove. It makes enjoying Asian recipes so much easier. The other day I made my husband your fabulous lettuce wraps and he absolutely loved them. Yesterday I fixed up a quick Pad Thai for dinner and it took half the time than with a regular skillet. And my husband enjoys seeing me use it, especially when the result is delicious. :) Cristina

Thank you for a great class and wonderful experience. Danilo & I enjoyed very much!! We have made our first dish today and it’s Delicious, I didn’t lose my appetite for the first time :) Thank you! Marija 

Photo credit: many photos were taken by my friend, Brenda Benoit Dudley, a fabulous photographer and contributor to award winning food blog, Honest Cooking!  She’s a foodie and Wok Star!  See her beautiful website here