Eleanor Hoh’s Wok Star Classes — Easy, Healthy Cooking Classes in Miami

WokStar-EleanorHoh-TedRyceYour Dilemma:

You lead a busy life, you come home tired and hungry and want a light dinner that’s easy, fast and healthy to make. You’re sick of  takeouts or eating out.  You’re over the same repertoire.  You hate washing up.  You’re fed up with thinking of what to cook every night. You don’t have time to spend cooking. You think cooking is a chore.

Do any of these ring true for you?

The Solution:
Say hello to wok cooking. My unique cooking class in Miami  teaches you invaluable skills, no culinary knowledge required!   Invest 3 hours in my cooking class that will solve all the complaints I hear and…

  • keep you healthy
  • give you delicious options each and every day
  • give you an easy roadmap that will eliminate recipes, measuring and calorie counting!
  • a chance to purchase my WOK STAR KIT BUNDLE with everything you need to become a Wok Star, no wasting time shopping for the correct items!
  • very little cleanup
  • use only 4 seasonings and a few fresh ingredients to whip up tasty, one-dish dinners
  • spend only 30 minutes in the kitchen
  • cook a complete dinner that’s faster than driving to and waiting for a takeout
  • you’re in control of what you put into your food

How are my wok cooking classes different?

Unlike a lot of other instructors, I don’t just walk you through a rigid recipe. Instead…

  • I teach you the skills to create your own unique meals — no recipes required. Through a super-simple visual roadmap technique, I give you the tools you need to feel confident and capable in the kitchen, so you can head home and come up with your own creative concoctions.
  • Only 12 lucky guests participate in this class
  • Not hands on but very interactive, energetic and engaging class
  • I will have two woks and gas stoves so many guests get a chance to experience stir frying
  • Time for questions
  • I tailor my presentation according to your special needs (I gather this info prior to class)
  • No stress, no mess. Cooking will become creative, relaxing, mindful and fun, 4 words not usually associated with cooking!
  • I provide the tools to help you succeed! 

The secret to kitchen success are the proper tools…


My Wok Star Kit Bundle has everything to help you succeed! photo credit: Jim Aborgast

1) the right cast iron wok,

2) an effective heat source,

3) an understanding of technique and

4) some high-quality ingredients.

I’ve put together all 4 elements in a WOK STAR KIT BUNDLE to help you succeed!  You’ll be a Wok Star in no time, and be able to concoct amazing, homemade, one-dish dinners, in 30 minutes or less.




My mother originally taught me to cook using a cast iron wok, and now I utilize all the research and expertise I’ve acquired in my wok cooking classes. As a former computer training professional, I have a background in simplifying topics and presenting them in a way that appeals to all audiences. This isn’t greasy food you’d find at a restaurant, so don’t expect any Kung Pao chicken.

My class was voted Top Five Cooking Classes in Miami by New Times, I’ve been mentioned in Saveur’s Miami City Guide and chosen for top 16 dating ideas in Thrillist.  I’ve appeared on ABC, NBC, CBS, PlumTV and Chat Chow TV. Plus, I’ve received countless testimonials (see below) from people who say my wok cooking classes changed their entire approach to cooking and eating — the best compliment I could ever ask for!

If you’re looking for healthy cooking classes in Miami, I hope you’ll join me in one soon. Please visit the tabs at the top of this page for Menu, Agenda; Cost, Schedule, Sign Up and Who It’s For! 

Can’t wait to meet you in my next class!

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I love hearing  from folks who’ve attended my classes, keep them coming… 
Wok so much…can’t tell you enough how much you have changed my eating habits and inspired so much enjoyment for cooking. 🙂 Eric, OBGYN
I am happy to report that I have already cooked 2 delicious dishes in the wok! You must understand that I hate cooking and this is the first thing that has made me excited about the kitchen in a VERY long time.  Natasha, estate planning. 
Your class was fabulous…We’ve cooked three meals with your wok and instructions and it gets better each day…You added a new dynamic to our home…We’ll be sending you many new Wok Star students in the near future. Thank you again and again….Shelly, ex-restaurant owner.
Writing input. If you need help writing like I do, check out
Here’s her funny perspective of my class she wrote for Miami New Times,

What’s on the Menu?

We’ll make three dishes demonstrating stir-fry combinations and wok cooking techniques…


Let me know any food allergies or diet restrictions PRIOR to prepayment and registration, I don’t have ESP but I’m working on it!

Please note: If you have strict dietary requirements, religious restrictions; are salt sensitive, soy sensitive or are pregnant, I am unable to accommodate you with the menu selections due to the nature of this style of wok cooking. Sorry!  If you’re vegetarian or vegan, I can bring tofu but not if you’re soy sensitive.

All dishes use San-J tamari (Japanese soy sauce, non GMO, no MSG, glutenfree), sherry, white pepper, cornstarch and chili sauce with hoisin or brown bean sauce, both contain gluten.

  • Appetizer: Rainbow Lettuce Wrap with organic ground beef and a combination of crunchy, bright colored bell peppers, chayote, jicama, scallions with hoisin sauce & topped with toasted pumpkin seeds.
  • Easy, One-Dish Dinner: Simple Stir fried Bok Choy or Chinese Broccoli, Shrimp, Oyster Mushrooms and Cashews.
  • Versatile Wok Dinner: Tilapia in Spicy Brown Bean Sauce with Zucchini, Yellow Squash and Red Bell Peppers.  Because a cast iron wok is wide and deep, you can easily fill it with sauce to ‘poach’ the fish.

You’ll eat the dishes as soon as they’re cooked so they’re hot and fresh. And you’ll wash everything down with either Zonin wines or Barton & Guestier’s vouvray wine and more Voss!

The class menu doesn’t vary much, other than the fact that I switch out a few seasonal vegetables. I teach technique, not recipes. Once you understand my visual roadmap technique, it’s easy to mix and match with different vegetables and meat for a wide variety of dishes.


Agenda for the class…

Upon arrival, you’ll meet and mingle with fellow classmates while savoring my Rainbow Lettuce Appetizer paired with wines and Voss Water.  After introductions…

I’ll explain my easy, visual roadmap approach to wok cooking.

Then I’ll move onto Asian cutting techniques.

You’ll learn how to make a basic marinade and sauce,

What the five key points of successful stir frying are and

All about the best Asian food brands and where to find them.

Plus, you’ll head home with a handy cooking crib sheet, for future reference.


Cost, Schedule and Sign Up

Ready to Cook Like A Wok Star?
easy, healthy, fast, no-recipe technique class for busy lifestyles

Cost: $85 per person
includes 3 dishes paired with either Barton & Guestier or Zonin1821 and Voss

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4 venues and dates…

3 Easy steps to sign up for my class…

1) Click  menu,  it’s very important to let me know your food allergies and diet restrictions, I may not be able to accommodate you!  You will be asked during registration on Eventbrite. menu

All dishes use San-J tamari (Japanese soy sauce, non GMO, no MSG, glutenfree), sherry, white pepper, cornstarch (no gluten) and chili sauce with hoisin or brown bean sauce, both contain gluten.
1st dish: Rainbow Lettuce Wrap with organic ground beef and a combination of crunchy, bright colored bell peppers, chayote, jicama, scallions with hoisin sauce & topped with toasted pumpkin seeds.
2nd dish: Stir fried Bok Choy or Chinese Broccoli, Shrimp, Oyster Mushrooms and Cashews.
3rd dish: Tilapia in Spicy Brown Bean Sauce with Zucchini, Yellow Squash and Red Bell Peppers.

2) Pick date & click on “Register Now” button inside calendar box above, there are 4 venues: ALNO, BOFFI,  ITALKRAFT and ZONIN 1821.

3) Click on Cancellation Policy prior to registering! Please understand it’s difficult to suddenly fill a space. Cancellation Policy

There will be NO last minute cancellations, no exceptions. Your space will be forfeited.
If you need to cancel, I need two weeks’ notice from your class date and on condition I can fill your space, you are welcome to reschedule your class with prior permission OR send someone in your place.
If I cancel a class due to unforeseen circumstances, you will receive a full refund.

Here’s a wonderful post on MiaBites by Jen Massolo, a foodie and founder of  Liquid Projects, so good to hear from someone who’s done some wok cooking and know the difference!

Can’t wait to meet you…




Alno, 3650 North Miami Avenue, Design District, FL 33127. Weeknights only, 6:30-9pm




Boffi, 3800 NE 2nd Ave, Design District, FL 33137. Saturday classes only, 12-2pm.




NEW – ItalKraft, 18837-A Biscayne Blvd., Aventura Town Center. Weeknights and Saturday classes.


Zonin1821, an Italian winery’s penthouse loft, 8101 Biscayne Blvd, MiMo, FL 33138. All classes are weeknights, 6:30-9:00pm

This class is perfect for anyone looking for easy, fast, healthy meals.  Corporate executives, wok enthusiasts, busy parents,  health-conscious eaters — all will learn immensely helpful skills! The wok cooking techniques I teach are adaptable to any diet.


Left to Right: William; Galena; Wayne and Robert

photo credit: Gretchen Kitchen

Specifically, the following people have been enthusiastic attendees of my healthy cooking classes in Miami:

•  Busy professionals and business executives who love fast, healthy meals.
•  Corporate groups looking for a healthy, fun, engaging team-building or cooking competition opportunity.
•  Wok enthusiasts who’ve tried various woks but weren’t successful!
•  Asian food lovers who want to make it at home!
•  People looking to lose weight or get healthier — or those looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
•  Families who cook and eat together (or want to!).
•  Moms with picky kids who need inspiration to eat their veggies.
•  Single guys who like to show off their cooking skills to dates and friends while keeping it healthy.
•  Home cooks looking to mix up their cooking routines.
•  Anyone who dislikes cooking, following recipes or cleaning up.