Cooking Class
Cooking ClassMeet cool people, get tons of tips and a chance to stir fry like a Wok Star! With lots of Giveaways and free drinks from sponsors. My NO-recipe technique for busy weeknight dinners. Fast, Fun, Flavorful and with very little cleanup.
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Wok Star Kit
Wok KitWith my Wok Star Kit you’ll achieve delicious, homestyle dinners in thirty minutes with little cleanup. What’s unique? I've provided both the tools and the techniques to make cooking FUN and CREATIVE so you can Cook Like a Wok Star!
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PartnersIt's important to use the best ingredients if you're going to achieve "ho wok mei" (good wok flavor.) I only use brands that reflect my whole philosophy of using good quality ingredients to make wok cooking fun and easy.
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Be a Wok Star
Cooking ClassEnjoy this mix of food journeys, tips, resources, reviews, videos and events with a focus on Asian cooking, culture and beyond...all part of being a Wok Star! It's not just about cooking, it's about creating memories and experiences with people you enjoy.
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