Wok Star Fans

Watch how Wok Stars Henri and Marisol have adapted their wok cooking to Cuban, Chilean and South American dishes they call Chino Latino! There’s also interior designer & Wok Star, Pepe Calderin waxing how he and his wife, Carolina scaled back on deep frying!  They’ve already inspired others…

“I just love the new video showing how easy it is to cook the “Wok Star” way…Just fantastic.  You have done a splendid job in giving confidence to those who may have been a little overwhelmed with trying to prepare a great meal using a wok… I would love to go to one of your classes, but I don’t think I could rationalize effectively enough to my husband the price of an airline ticket and hotel…..I look forward to hearing from you.” Mary


“Can’t wait to Wok It! I love my Wok and all the accessories. Perhaps I will use your curry on the thin slice beef.  I am doing a lot of work on my new patio on the east side off my house, I’m going to make it Wok Star Worthy! Keep you posted. I just love my WOK! I have had so much fun using it on the grill outside this time of year in Arizona. I’m so happy to have found you on the internet. My stir fry has improved so much with your instruction. I will be experimenting as time goes along and will keep you posted as to any exciting flavors I may find. So far I have done three stir fry meals, the first being your sauce and vegetables with chicken, another with that really good Curry that came with the Kit and another with Sesame oil as the last dressing on the chicken. All very good, my family loves it also. I always look forward to your newsletters.”  Suzan

“None show pics on their website of others using wok cooking as a healthy way of life…YOU did. So, my dear….that is WHAT makes YOU stand out and sets YOU far above the others when someone is really serious about eating healthy and looking at wok cooking to assist them in their journey.  So–Don’t Stop What You’re Doing!!  You are the WOK STAR in my book!! Thanks for your kindness and I will let you know how things go on my journey to becoming a Wok Star.  I can’t wait to start.” Holly

Contact me if you’re a Wok Star and get featured here!  This means if you have my Wok Star Kit and using my cast iron wok to cook something unique and creative or an ethnic dish!