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Chinese Chef Knife. Perfect blade for chopping veggies and thwacking garlic. Makes you look like a PRO!

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Price: $55.00

I love the feel and look of this knife.  I’m not a fan of  lots of gadgets, just clutters your kitchen and creates more washing up!  But, a few good tools help make your cooking so much FUN and creative.  I’ve had students ‘hide’ their knives because they treasure it and enjoy using it so much!

  • It’s not intimidating like those big cleavers, used for chopping meat and bones.
  • It’s also stainless steel, so it doesn’t rust.
  • The wood handle gives you a good grip and is just the right weight and balance.
  • The best thing is the wide blade – perfect for thwacking garlic. When you thwack each clove of garlic, the skin comes right off and because the garlic is flattened, is easy to dice.
  • Great for transporting the veggies from the chopping board to the wok.
  • I sharpen my knife every time before I use it. I show you how in “Ho Wok Mei”  so it’s nice and sharp, making it easy to slice, dice and chop. A dull knife is when you cut yourself.