Society BBQ for ALL!

Community, part of a club…

I asked Chef Richard Hales why the name “Society” for his latest food concept? “I like that Society is about community but also a reference to being part of a club.  BBQ and the love of it is definitely a club. I’m always about community and how my ideas for restaurant impact it.” Therein lies why Hales has been so successful with his FIFTH restaurant concept to date! He cooks for the community. He wants the community to rally round and eat well and we are so ready for good BBQ. The concept especially works well at The Citadel, a food hall in Little River area of Miami.

Pork Ribs, Brisket, Burnt End (my fav), pickled onion and cucumber, cole slaw

Chef Richard Hales is one of the smartest chefs around! He doesn’t only know how to cook but he’s good with EVERYTHING. From concept to execution. He looks at business from a diffferent view point, for example, simple things like charging by the rib instead of by the pound, SMART! 

Chef Richard Hales show off a rack of Beef Ribs.
Chef Richard Hales show off a rack of Beef Ribs.

5 Food Concepts

All of Hale’s food concepts revolve around foods he himself enjoys, Northern Chinese food with Black Brick, Vietnamese Fast Food with Sakaya Kitchen, Dim Saam A Go Go with food truck, Southern with Bird and Bone and now Society BBQ with one of the most popular foods Americans love to indulge in. Try them all, they are totally different. 

Chef Richard Hales' To Go bag highlights his 5 restaurant/food concepts.
Chef Richard Hales’ To Go bag highlights his 5 restaurant/food concepts.
Society BBQ is first counter you see as you enter at south entrance of The Citadel.

Labor of Love…

The work involved in making BBQ is as Hales said, “a labor of love” with 18 hour work days starting at 4am. His work ethics make us feel like “layabouts” my husband’s words and “under achiever” my words. 

There is a difference between BBQ, Smoking and Grilling. BBQ is low and slow, Smoking is cooking something with smoke, also low and slow and Grilling is cooking over fire, hot and fast. 

Society BBQ: orders lined up
Society BBQ: orders lined up.

So, let’s break down why Society BBQ works so well…

One…meltingly tender brisket and our fav, Burnt Ends and fall off the bone Pork Ribs. 

Two…PRICE. Yes, you have to provide VALUE. 

Three…great sides.

Society BBQ menu
Society BBQ menu
Society BBQ: Smoked Squash and Cheese; Sweet Potato Casserole
Society BBQ: Smoked Squash and Cheese (our fav); Sweet Potato Casserole

We absolutely fell in love with the Smoked Squash with Cheese, tasty, tasty, it’s like a vegetable cousin to Mac N’ Cheese and the best part were the crispy, crunchies sprinkled on top.  We also loved the cucumber pickle which was more an Asian slant than the normal dill pickle, a steal at $2 a portion. 

Save room for dessert…

Be sure to save room for Wife Hale’s Smoked Bourbon Bread Pudding, we had to save for our next visit cause we were so full. 

Conclusion…hit Society BBQ EARLY because they can run out!  

Society BBQ
inside The Citadel Food Hall
8300 NE 2nd Avenue
Miami, FL 33138

Disclosure: meal was provided complimentary but that doesn’t sway my judgement.

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