Best Ground Turkey Weeknight Dinner Ever!

Seriously, this easy Ground Turkey dish for a weeknight is the BEST!  And so EASY.  You can adapt it to whatever diet you’re on…Weight Watchers, Keto, Paleo, South Beach, etc.  Vegetarian or vegan, no problem!  Try with kidney, red or black beans, chick peas, butter beans, lentils or tofu. This delicious Ground Turkey dish was inspired by a conversation I had with my sisters, isn’t it funny the power of association?

Ground Turkey with multi-colored, mini sweet peppers, tomatoes and a handful of peas on a bed of soba noodles. Add some chili oil for extra heat if you like.  I did, yum!

For 2019, I wanted to reintroduce you to my approach to cooking without recipes or measuring and use what you have in your fridge and pantry. It’s what I teach in my cooking classes in Miami and in my online Udemy course (click for your discount!). So, be prepared because I may not include specific measurements.

Cook this way and you’ll be less stressed AND you’ll start enjoying coming up with surprise dishes of your own! It’s a meal that can stretch for big families, for one tray of ground turkey, it gave my hubby and I enough for 3 meals. 

Go wild with variations and combinations! You can keep it even simpler and use only ONE veggie like frozen peas. No need to defrost, just throw in a couple of minutes when you’re doing recombine, easy, DONE!

Try with just one veggie like tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, yellow squash, you get the gist!

About the meat…
If you stick with using Ground Turkey, don’t use breast cause it’ll be dry and tasteless.  Ground Pork is not common at western supermarkets but it’s very popular in Asia.  Get your butcher to grind the pork for you. The best cuts are pork butt or shoulder, you need marbling of fat so it’s not dry.

Use this cooking process…
– cook soba noodles first
– prep veggies
– make sauce, using TSPC, my 4 basic seasonings for marinade and sauce..
T: San-J tamari; S: Sherry (medium);  P: Pepper (white pepper); C: Cornstarch 
+ 1 tblsp. Koon Chun Brown Bean Sauce + 1 heaped tsp. Huy Fong Chili Garlic Sauce
– marinade meat with same TSPC 

Use same stir fry process…Wok Stars, check your Stir Fry Crib Sheet!
– fry veg
– fry ground turkey in 2 batches, flip over when it’s golden brown one side and cut into crumbles
– heat sauce
– recombine veg + meat in sauce

It”ll be your GO-TO dish you’ll want often!  Don’t forget to invite your kids, family and friends to chip in with prepping and cooking. Cooking together makes it less lonely and you’ll find it’s a great time to bond!  Most of my food memories are of cooking with my mom and sisters and I KNOW those moments have contributed to our close relationships to this day!

Here are my complete step by step process for the BEST Weeknight Ground Turkey dish ever!





Here’s another great dish using Ground Turkey, my famous, signature Rainbow Lettuce Wrap Appetizer I make this in my cooking class and is a big hit! 

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