Fullei Fresh Marketplace, a community space for healthy living

Who’d have thought right here in Miami, we have an organic hydroponic sprouting farm?! It was started by Manny Wong, a Chinese family from Cuba.  Fullei Fresh grows a variety of organic sprouts as well as bean sprouts AND it’s hydroponic which means NO pesticides or bacteria! AND organic, WOW, so happy. . .I was always hesitant to purchase sprouting greens because I was wary of how and where they were grown.  I was thrilled to visit their “farm” and get the tour.

So excited to be invited to give a slide presentation and cooking demonstration at their Grand Opening of their community space for healthy living.  There’ll be loads of health related talks, demos and activities from experts in their fields, all are welcome!

Fullei Fresh Marketplace Grand Opening
Saturday, April 14, 10-4pm
12:45pm is my cooking demo!
Click here
Free with registration…

I hope you’ll come and support this community project. Bring the whole family and make it a day, there’ll be food trucks I believe. You’ll get a chance to learn more about them and possibly get a tour. 

I’ll be making a very popular dish…Mapo Tofu, spicy and addictive and stir fry Bean Sprouts (something I get asked constantly!) 

Mapo Tofu with red bell peppers for some color. Blog and video coming soon.

You’ll learn how to stir fry bean sprouts so they’re crispy, crunchy at my cooking demonstration at 1pm, see you there!



Olivia, Manny’s daughter gave me a tour…

Manny has won many awards as well as been certified for teaching others how to sprout!

Talk about hydroponic sprouts, wow, is anyone into sprouts? They are tenfold more potent than vegetables, can’t wait to try broccoli sprouts. I am going to eat as much of these sprouts as I can! Excited to try other sprouts like beet, sunflower, daikon and clover sprouts, I didn’t realize there are so many varieties! Yay, 2018 is a year for trying new things!

Fullei Fresh sprouts are available at numerous Whole Foods, Fresh Market and I saw them at Laurenzo’s Market in North Miami.

Here are just some ways I’ve been using those amazing sprouts…

Alfafa sprouts immediately upgrades my hubby’s delish wok omelet into a gourmet dish, yum!

Dynamite, perfect for cold night here. Topping broccoli sprouts on my beef soup was awesome, gave a nice accent and zing. Soup was made in slow cooker with very meaty beef necks, onions, and garbanzos. When reheating, I like to add noodles and some fresh vegetables like Bean Sprouts, Bok Choy and tomatoes for some color.

Don’t you love these red beet sprouts on avocado? Adds a pop of color to any dish, they are slightly bitter but I don’t mind. Tip is to add vinaigrette which will temper the bitterness.

Garnish your lunch with alfafa sprouts!

Thanks Fullei Fresh for introducing me to these baby sprouts.

Do share ways you use baby sprouts in comment below! And remember to register, see you this Saturday, April 14!

Disclosure:  I was given sprouts by Fullei Fresh to experiment with.  I just really like supporting local businesses who focus on good, healthy products.



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