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Visualize an angled crispy noodle nest spilling out with Crispy Beef Tenderloin that’s battered and so tender, you only need to pop it in your mouth without even chewing. This enchanting dish was a crowd pleaser and part of a collection of 8 small bites, main dishes and dessert with cocktail pairings from the Only At Fontainebleau Menu.  This Fall Menu was launched to celebrate Hakkasan’s 15th anniversary with sister restaurants simultaneously showcasing their individual local culture and cuisine at 11 locations globally.  Each location will use seasonal ingredients and Hakkasan’s signature modern approach to traditional Cantonese cuisine.  The Only At Menu will change twice a year and judging from this tasting, I can’t wait to see what they’ll offer for the next one.

Crispy Beef Tenderloin spilling out of angled noodle nest was quite the crowd pleaser!

Crispy Beef Tenderloin spilling out of angled noodle nest was quite the crowd pleaser! Photos: Eleanor Hoh

I was honored to be invited to a media tasting to experience this luscious Chinese banquet style cuisine which I miss so much now I live in the US. If you’re lucky enough to experience dining at Hakkasan, this is a food experience that will elevate your perception of Chinese food.  I was so pleased to read Wall Street Journal’s article, “Chinese Food in New Translations” and how chefs are putting their takes on one of the most complex cuisines and not pandering to American palates. I think Hakkasan succeeds in both.

Chef de Cuisine Jian Heng Loo put his spin on a traditional Stir Fry French Beans usually made with dried shrimp but he used preserved olives so it’s vegetarian, how thoughtful and still gives that umami flavor. His artistry extends beyond food, his playful use of two noodle nests and lobster shell to present his dishes engage and entice you before you even taste the dish. Seafood was featured in 4 dishes and I’m thrilled because Asians excel in preparing them.  To top it all, Hakkasan’s mixologist paired each course with cocktails like Serpent’s Tongue and Old Cuban.

As if 8 dishes weren’t enough, we ended with a very creative dessert which was very light even though there was cream involved!  Do not take your eyes off the Chocolate Raspberry Sphere in this video.

My Chinese New Year was hosted by Hakkasan and they put on a scrumptious 13 item Yum Cha (dim sum with tea) that we still talk about a year later. You can read about it here.


Ling Ling Room is just one of many divided areas that creates intimacy with beautiful carved panels that exude glamor and style. Photo credit: Geraldine Ramirez


Small Eats: Steamed Crystal Lobster Dumplings; Crispy Shredded Beef in Chinese Honey served with Mandarin Pancakes. Cocktail pairing: Old Cuban.


First course: Stir Fry South Florida Spiny Lobster in XO sauce with lotus root and sugar snap. I love this playful lobster shell presentation and banana leaf. Behind, Stir-Fry Tiger Prawns with Sweet Walnuts in a crispy noodle nest. Cocktail pairing: Serpent’s Tongue.


First Course: Seared Snapper with Supreme Homemade Soya Sauce presented on banana leaf and topped with crispy noodle strands.


Second Course: Crispy Beef Tenderloin with Tangerine Peel on the right, spilling out of noodle nest was crowd pleaser, tender morsels that didn’t even need chewing; Stir-Fry Spicy Lamb with Baby Bamboo Shoots on left, sitting on a bed of crispy bean noodles was another winner; Stir-Fry French Beans with Preserved Olives so it’s vegetarian but had a wonderful umami flavor. Cocktail pairing with Amburana. All were an excellent combination.

Amburana cocktail

Amburana cocktail


I had to take a little “behind the scenes” kitchen action. That’s Chef Jian Heng Loo on the left. Look at all the woks!


Chocolate Raspberry Sphere was surprisingly not that sweet which I really liked. I may look small but I polished this off!


Only At Fontainebleau 8 course Tasting Menu


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