Healthy, Delicious, Easy Lunch Ideas

Scratching your head wondering what to bring for your lunch to work? I got you covered.  These lunch ideas will keep it simple and fast plus give you variety so you’re not bored with the same ingredients for a week.   I see meal preps on social media and think, well, that’s good but so boring, it’s the same lunch all week?  When you know what to expect, you lose interest.


Leftover chopped vegetables from my cooking class like zucchini, yellow squash, bell peppers, radish, romaine lettuce with grilled drumstick, this one with Flavorgod Spicy Everything Seasoning.

Spike up your lunches with these ideas…

PROTEIN – provides energy, so less starchy carbs like rice, bread and potatoes and more protein!

Drumsticks, pork ribs, pork chops, pork shoulder strips, pork butt picnic, steak strips, ground turkey.

SPICES – use 2-3 different spice rubs to flavor drumsticks or ribs for variety.  Pack some flavor with 2 of my favs, My Spice Sage Curry powder and Flavor God Everything Spicy.

DRESSING – make your own, so easy and WITHOUT preservatives or any goopy fillers.

Only 4 ingredients…
EVOO, Marukan rice vinegar, San-J tamari and good mustard (I usually like mustard with lots of grain for texture)

Use a clean glass jar with lid:
Proportions are twice amount of oil to vinegar, dash of tamari, big teaspoon of mustard. Close lid and shake it up, that’s it!
SALAD – use a variety of vegetables throughout the week and use cold leftover vegetables from dinner. I store the chopped veggies in a tupperware box.

Grill vegetables like eggplant, bell peppers, portobello mushrooms.


Leftover napa cabbage stir fry, grilled peppers and eggplant, baked sweet potato, pumpkin seeds, spicy cabbage slaw on bed of spinach leaves with My Spice Sage Curry flavored grilled drumstick.

COMPLEX CARBS – help maintain sugar levels, that means sweet potato or quinoa NOT rice, potatoes or bread, those make you sleepy, bloat and pack on the love handles. Yes, I found all this out when I became prediabetic and it has helped me so much to keep my energy going!

WokStar-Sistema-lunchboxFinally, a great box to bring that delicious lunch. I like this Sistema lunch box with a freezer brick which you fill with water that keeps your lunch cool for the trip to work or school!  That little blue round container fits in the freezer brick hole for salad dressing or sauce and on the lid as you can see are the fork and knife, so it’s completely self contained.  They are so practical and I got my hubby trained so he just whips out from freezer and throws into the lunch box. I found them at Marshall’s or TJ Maxx, also Container Store for a lot more. I cannot stand the blue ice, they drip when they cool down.

Would love to hear some lunch ideas that work for you…

Note: none of the products sponsor me except San-J tamari which is included when you purchase my Wok Star Kit.

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