Cook Like a Wok Star for SuperBowl

I’m no Superbowl junkie but I’ve put together a list of delighful wok dishes so you’ll stand out from the crowd!   They’re not your usual wings or dips but will definitely make you a Rock Star in their eyes.

To start off the pregames and warm up, my Rainbow Lettuce Wrap is an “Asian taco”, I serve this as an appetizer in my cooking classes. It’s always a BIG HIT and will WOW your guests cause it’s so colorful and scrumptious.

Pairs beautifully with Zonin prosecco or with ice cold Tiger Beer, both light and bubbly!

I use a crispy Romaine Leaf.  Slather sweet Hoisin Sauce on leaf, fill with ground turkey and a “rainbow of colors” of multi colored mini sweet peppers, crunchy jicama and chayote, topped with toasted pumpkin seeds.
I call it a “Party Dish,”make this infront of guests and you’ll be hero worshipped.  PERFECT appetizer for entertaining at home, savor during Game Day or show off at Tailgate for upcoming Super Bowl Miami.
It’s FAST to pull together. It’s a colorful and beautiful presentation with flavors and textures that explode in every bite.
Make in small batches so it’s fresh and warm.  It’s addictive!

Rainbow Lettuce Wrap – the perfect Superbowl appetizer!


Feel free to swap out with any crunchy veggies or nuts you love, that’s my whole philosophy of what I teach anyway.

The beauty of my wok and stove setup is that you can cook anywhere, see some amazing places Wok Stars have set up below!  I hope many Wok Stars will take their handy portable kitchen and Cook Like a Wok Star on your tailgate, at your friend’s house, outside by the patio, poolside, on a yacht, the list is endless! You can even make the dishes ahead and just warm up last minute.

Here’s a list of Superbowl ideas that will be crowd favorites, enjoy and please share what you’re making in your wok this Superbowl weekend!

My signature Spicy BBQ Hoisin Ribs, these are no ordinary ribs, chunky and addictive.


Pineapple Fried Rice, one of the most popular dishes I get asked about.

MexWokFriedRiceMexican Fried Rice, for my Hispanic friends.
WokTortillaPresentationWok Frittata, cut into squares and snack all day long.

Festiveside2wColorful Veggie Stir Fry, great sub instead of a limp salad.

servingbowl-wokstarCurry Quinoa, a lighter fare than the rice and oh so yummy.
BeefTomatoFryBeef Stir Fry, for meat lovers, delish filler inside warm tacos.
kimchiEasy Kimchi, goes well with spicy ribs, fried rice, beef stir fry, picadillo and frittata.

Make Rainbow Lettuce Wrap at your tailgate party and you’ll be the STAR!

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