Thanksgiving Leftovers with Asian Spin

What to do with all the leftovers from Thanksgiving?  Give them an Asian spin and wok them!  I often do that. It’s fun to repurpose food.

Leftovers like turkey, boiled or roasted brussel sprouts, chestnuts that didn’t make it into the  stuffing, even stuffing and calabaza, squash or sweet potatoes are perfect candidates for a wok stir fry. I like a mixture of crunchy with different textures.  You can make something delicious with any leftovers by adding a dash of tamari, sherry and squirt of lime juice.  Instantly transforms any leftovers into a totally new and delicious dish.

The trick is to do them in batches so they’re not a big mish mash.  Same concept as any stir fry.  Cook different textured veggies separately.  Cook veggies first before your meat because they don’t stick to your wok like meat does.

A wok is the most versatile pan for frying anything (use a stainless steel pan or even a pot if you don’t have a wok, please don’t use non-stick, they’re useless for stir and not supposed to use above medium heat.) So, get all your ingredients lined up so your stir fry takes only minutes from beginning to end.

Happy Thanksgiving!  Oh, one year I did duck instead of turkey, it was totally memorable.  Another year, I gave turkey an Asian twist and slathered my fav 3 seasonings on turkey thighs and grilled them, slurp.

Love to hear how you repurpose your Thanksgiving leftovers.


boiled or roasted brussel sprouts
handful of chestnuts
handful of cubed calabaza
2 scallions, sliced diagonally
turkey leg torn into bite size pieces
2 cloves garlic bashed
2 slices of fresh ginger sliced and shredded
canola oil 
dash of tamari (San-J tamari is gluten-free and a brand I’ve used for over 20 years)
splash of sherry (or white wine if you have some lying around)
squirt of fresh lime or lemon juice


  1. Heat your wok till you see first wisp of smoke, squirt 3 rounds of oil down sides of wok, quickly add 1 bashed garlic and half of shredded ginger.  Immediately add cubed calabaza, they cook faster than you think.  Turn down heat if they start burning and keep turning them. Taste for doness and plate.
  2. Heat your wok till you see first wisp of smoke, squirt 3 rounds of oil down sides of wok, quickly add other bashed garlic and rest of shredded ginger. Immediately add brussel sprouts and fry till you see burn marks, add in chestnuts. Add to plate of calabaza.
  3. Heat your wok till you see first wisp of smoke, squirt 1 round of oil down sides of wok. Immediately add turkey pieces and fry till warm, add back all the veggies, add dash of tamari, splash of sherry and squirt of lime juice and give one last quick fry with the seasonings. Done!

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