Chinese New Year Dinner at home

Chinese New Year starts today and it’s Year of the Dragon! Dragon is the most dynamic in the Chinese zodiac, so be prepared for a year full of successes as well as surprises. Do check my NBC Miami TV appearance where Jennifer wok-ked up a Sizzling Shrimp dish and was so surprised it was so quick and easy plus some funny experiences along the way. All in keeping with my New Year’s resolution to see the funny side of things!

My suggestion is for a Chinese New Year Dinner At Home and Festive Table Setting so that no matter where you live in the world, you’ll be able to do it!  Less pressure and more time to enjoy.  An easy Grilled Pork and Stir Fried Curly Kale is the ticket. However, for those who want to make more dishes, I’ve included some ideas below.

Ingredients used in this dish are mostly available from your local market!  Below, I’ve given some alternative sources where to get them.

I picked pig which represents abundance and I’m all for that!  You can use this same marinade on leg of lamb, chicken drumsticks or thighs, shrimp, pork shoulder or spare ribs (this is my signature ribs and quite famous).

Grilled Spicy Pork (simple Char Siu)
I don’t use red dye #3 or any honey, you won’t miss them! I prefer to grill instead of roast, it’s faster & I like the texture better. It’s got more crunch with crispier edges. It’s literally 2 spare rib chops (this is the best cut for grilling) and 3 seasonings:
About 1 tblsp. San-J tamari
About 3 tblsp. Koon Chun Hoisin Sauce
About 1 heaped tsp. of Huy Fong Chili Garlic Sauce

Here’s how…
1.  Let pork chops come to room temperature. Wash & dry thoroughly so it doesn’t stew in its own juice.
2. Pierce meat with fork. Slather on marinade only on one side, do this right before grilling. You do NOT need to marinade hours ahead.
3. Grill till crispy with burnt edges. You can smell the deliciousness, no timing required.
4. When you flip over the chops, add more marinade and grill but only for a short time since this is quite a thin chop.  You don’t want to overcook them which makes them dry.
5. Serve hot with Stir Fried Curly Kale and mushrooms.

Left, Koon Chun’s Hoisin Sauce, San-J tamari black label (these are included in your Wok Star Kit) and Huy Fong chili garlic sauce.

Try other chili sauces! Left is Lingham’s hot sauce, right is Earthy Delight’s Yuzupao!

Marinade & grill on one side, then flip over and do the same!

Here are more easy dishes you can cook up for Chinese New Year celebrations at home:

Colorful Festive Vegetable Side Dish

Crispy Salt Shrimp

Swordfish Wok Fried or Grilled

Eat some Dumplings, they resemble gold ingots and will bring prosperity!

Buddha’s Delight featured in Year of the Rabbit

Turnip Pork Soup

Uh, very few noodle dishes and this Quai Teow with Pork Jerky is more Malaysian, oops, I’ll have to work on more noodle dishes! Remember not to cut the noodles cause it’s bad luck, slurp them.

Another Chinese New Year Simple Home Dinner with Roast Duck

Pineapple Stir Fried Rice, a must

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  1. Renee
    January 24, 2012 | 10:09 pm

    This is awesome! Thanks so much for posting these recipes, they look delicious, and I definitely want to try some of those famous ribs! 祝你新年快乐, 恭禧发财.

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