Top 12 Wok Tips

As a wok enthusiast, cooking teacher and creator of a Wok Star Kit, I hear a lot of common mistakes people make when attempting wok cooking.

Anyone can be a Wok Star with the right wok, right technique, right heat!

This post was originally on rasamalaysia but I’ve revised a little. There were many wonderful comments and questions which may help you, so check it out. Ask me questions in the comment box below.

There’s a lot of very confusing information out there, so, here are my…


1. Cooking in a wok requires the right technique, the right heat, the right seasonings = Wok Star!
2. Declutter your kitchen: use your wok for stir frying, steaming, stewing, deep frying, smoking, searing and soups (see photos below.)
3. Leave your wok and portable gas stove setup out at all times so it’s convenient. If you don’t see it, you don’t use it…
4. Getting the wrong wok & not seasoning it right can set you up for failure.
5. A traditional lightweight, thin walled, round bottom cast iron wok is BEST. Woks with exterior enamel or coating take longer to heat and transfer heat to your food! Who wants to lift a 15 lb. wok every night? I give a comparison with carbon steel woks here.
6. One handle woks tip over when you have food in it plus the handle gets in the way.
7. Round bottom woks need direct flames i.e. gas for maximum contact & to control your heat.
8. Flat bottom woks do not give you a natural stir fry motion, uses more oil because of more surface area & were made for electric stoves. See no.11.
9. Non-stick woks cannot be used above medium heat according to manufacturer’s warning but high heat is ESSENTIAL to sear meat and for crunchy veggies.
10. Gas stove owners: use the smallest burner so heat is focused for your wok.
11. Electric stove owners: a portable butane gas stove solves the problem of cooking with your wok! You’ll have the BEST of both heat sources. Use your electric for flat pans/pots and gas stove for your wok.
12. A Wok Star is someone who develops their own cooking style and thinks outside the box.



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6 Responses to Top 12 Wok Tips
  1. […] I was researching the art of the stir fry I came across Eleanor Hoh, self proclaimed ‘wok star’. She’s super passionate about wok cooking and her philosophy is […]

  2. OptiSlim
    October 7, 2017 | 4:06 pm

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on cast iron wok.

  3. nick nebre
    August 27, 2012 | 3:12 pm

    I am looking for a hot outdoor propane wok cooker. Can you make any suggestions?

    Thanks Nick

  4. […] my research I came across Eleanor Hoh, self proclaimed ‘wok star’. She’s super passionate about wok cooking and her […]

    • Eleanor Hoh
      March 31, 2012 | 5:17 pm

      Jules, thanks for mentioning me on your site. So thrilled you’re using a wok to teach cooking. My cast iron wok is a lightweight, thin walled, only weighs 3 lbs. so is great conductor of heat and heats up fast. I’m not sure where you thought I had a big heavy cast iron wok, I HATE them and so do many. Makes cooking a weight lifting exercise, not fun.

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