Phuc Yea: Vietnamese Pop Up Restaurant

Imperial rolls with shrimp and pork are always a delightful starter especially when you're starving.


Oodles of Noodles was a lovely mix with the ground pork and crunchy wood ear mushrooms and bean sprouts.


The Confit Duck was crispy outside and still moist and juicy inside, exactly how I like it. The radish pickles that came with it was just right, not too sour. The presentation was beautiful with the deep fried lotus root. All wrapped in crunchy romaine lettuce leaf, nom, nom.


Dessert was a nice end as we were not expecting to get this on the house! Tapioca is one of my favorite and it came with coconut, mango bites, okinawa purple sweet potato and peanut brittle. It kinda sent us over the top but happy we had it.


Very important:  Phuc Yea, a pop-up Vietnamese restaurant has only 5 more weeks before they pop-out, so go experience it!

What a dynamic trio:  Daniel Treiman, Aniece Meinhold, Cesar Zepata open a pop-up restaurant in downtown Miami.  I’ve ‘known” Aniece for years but didn’t realize she was partly Asian though till only a few years ago!  Many of the dishes are based on her mother’s cooking and then they give their own spin (it’s what I want Wok Stars to do!)  Her partner in crime, Cesar is not only a chef but also an animation artist by day and both work the social media circuit and obviously do a fantastic job. Daniel, I met at a Manera opening with another friend I probably shouldn’t mention who.  He’s also a drummer and freelance writer for New Times. They really are a motley “cru” as they like to call themselves. I musn’t forget to mention Christine assisting on her days off while working full time at another restaurant, this gal never stops working but seems to enjoy it.

Their outrageous name creating so much media buzz, and then to succeed in making some delicious Vietnamese nosh makes me so happy for them.  On the night we went, Belkys Nerey was shooting her Style File segment there.  If you blink, you’d miss me on the segment, eating.  You may have read an earlier post of my Hong Kong trip where my sisters and I ate at a popular Vietnamese restaurant nearly every other day!  I’ll be posting a LOT more about my Asian food journey soooooon.

Everything we had at Phuc Yea was delicious, clean and modern.  A little on the expensive side with smaller portions but considering the preparation, it’s understandable. Check their site for daily specials.

This is kind of a modern Asian food that I pine for and I’m so glad Phuc Yea “popped up”. I’m desperately trying to connect them with a new space so they’ll keep feeding Miami with their yummy food.  Honestly, I hope they ‘pop-up’ somewhere and not disappear.  Go experience it and tell them Wok Star sent you!

Note:  Our dinner was not complimentary, only the Tapioca dessert.

Love to hear what you tried there!


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3 Responses to Phuc Yea: Vietnamese Pop Up Restaurant
  1. Eleanor Hoh
    October 30, 2011 | 11:04 am

    Ani, you guys rock and hope you’ll stick around to feed us.
    Thx Charlotte for stopping by.

  2. Charlotte Libov
    October 29, 2011 | 2:58 pm

    Sounds delish!!!

  3. Aniece Meinhold
    October 25, 2011 | 10:16 pm

    Thank you E!!!!!
    Super flattering coming from the Asian-eats-expert of the MIA. xoxoxo, Ani

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