Little Lotus Restaurant

Chef Michael Asalie’s Black cod

All the folks who made Little Lotus Restaurant’s opening successful!

I absolutely loved getting to know this group of folks at Little Lotus Restaurant Miami! It’s an Asian and Japanese Tapas Restaurant, we totally need this here! How they pulled it together in 3 weeks is a miracle, so enterprising and a delightful ‘hidden treasure’ in downtown Miami. The two chefs are both well known in their own right: Sushi Chef Michael Asalie used to be with Morimoto, New York and Indonesian Chef Nyoman Atmaja was and still is part time with Yakkosan.

The brains behind getting this all up and running is Sari Maharani, a paralegal by day and restauranteur, shop owner and as well as a foodie by night! With another restaurant, Banana and Leaf in the works as well, opening June. I’m not sure when she sleeps but I love her energy and ‘nothing is impossible’ attitude. Better hang with her a lot more.

Chef Michael has a baby face but don’t let that fool you, he’s very talented and creative. All the dishes he made for us last night were not on the menu. Each one was like a piece of sculptured art work like the chive through a raspberry! The flavor of the fish was so delicate and perfectly paired with a light sauce. Not the usual generic sushi served around town with wasabi and soy sauce! They were ALL outstanding but the one that stood out most was the Hamachi sashimi which he topped with fried shallots and then Jalapeno peppers and capers! Wow, did that pop in your mouth. I love how he fused Indonesian ingredients with Japanese.

Tuna Sashimi, beautiful presentation

Chef Nyoman Atmaja’s Crispy Baby Bok Choy
with garlic soy dressing

We didn’t get a chance to sample too much of Chef Nyoman’s dishes except for his Green curry shrimp and Crispy Baby Bok Choy. I’m so looking forward to trying more of his other Indonesian dishes, many very familiar to me as I grew up eating them like Nasi Rendang.

Over the top dessert with unusual addition of Cruller with coconut ice cream, coconut sorbet in a coconut shell and fresh mango.

I like this simple decor, focus on the food!

Well, Miami, I highly recommend this little ‘hidden treasure’ and do go and try their introductory lunch menu for $4.99! How can you beat that? By the way, I always think of more stuff to add, so I hope you’ll subscribe to my feed for the latest updates. Little Lotus Restaurant doesn’t have a website yet but visit their Facebook to get the latest scoop. Just realized they don’t have address on their page! 22 NE 1st Street, #107, Miami, FL 33132, it’s in an odd location, International Jewelry Center, opposite Macy’s downtown, use this entrance, the other is harder to find at night. Oh, tell them Wok Star sent you, gotta get my brownie points up, ha.

Sari and I already discussed having a HOH WOK CLUB gathering there sooon, so if you’re interested to join us, email me: wokstar at eleanorhoh dot com

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