Songkran Festival at Wat Buddhist Temple, Food 2011

Snapshots of Thai food at last Sunday’s Songkran Thai New Year Festival, Wat Buddhist Temple in South Miami. By 3pm, most folks had left and these were the only remaining food stalls left!  If you’ve never been, it’s really worth a visit when they have a festival, you meet neat Asian folks and get to eat good Thai food. More on the Temple and grounds in a separate post.


Thai Bayshore was also at the Asian Culture Festival I went to recently. They had a LOT more food offerings like this delicious Salmon Homok. I devoured one the minute I arrived, I was starving. I bought 2 more and a box of pork jerk strips with an interesting chili, fish sauce dip. You definitely need to reheat the strips to soften them, otherwise too chewy to digest.

I know how to make homok, I put fish and scallops in mine. It’s a lot of work esp. the banana leaf boats. My hubby helped me make them. It’s funny how when you’re not used to making a dish, it seems like a lot of work but every Thai person I’ve met said it’s easy. I have to make this soon.

Well, I think wok cooking is easy, so guess it’s same idea, it’s what you get used to making.


This booth makes Green Papaya Salad fresh in a stone mortar and pestle. I’m sorry, I’ve never cared for the strong flavors of fish sauce and the raw Papaya together. But looks gorgeous.


Fried bananas and taro, I would have tried it if I knew it was freshly made.


Colored rice noodles in the back tray, didn’t understand what went with it. I got a coconut drink with interesting jello type bits and corn which was surprisingly light and refreshing and not too sweet.


Thai Bayshore’s daughter posing with this tray of fritters and I can’t remember what she told me they were, think taro. I got more of the banana leaf sticky rice to take home too. Had an East Meets West breakfast next morning with the pork jerk strips for a protein hit.


This is a monk gift tree, people bring ‘gifts’ to place on the tree including money, food and anything you think a monk would like.Very interesting concept, I might put out a gift tree to see what people would give me?


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