Miami Street Food Court

Last night’s street food court in North Miami was a sight! I think it’s best to order small portions so you have a chance to taste from different trucks. There are not enough trucks serving food that’s not deep fried!  See below for Jack of Jefe’s who organized this one on 109th and Biscayne. If you live south, there’s also another on 65th and Bird Road organized by Sef of Burger Beast. Do visit his site which gives daily updates of food trucks’s whereabouts and if you’re a burger fan, he is the ‘king’ of anything ‘burger’! One of my fav food bloggers, Trina Sargalski’s Miami Dish did a lovely story for WLRN’s Under the Sun about food trucks.

If you’ve not experienced this, DEFINITELY do it! It’s fun to see what everyone else is eating too. I’m not shy asking. There must have been 15 trucks. One tip: they should STOP cars going through cause there are kids and folks running around, distracted by gawking at the food trucks and when you back up to take photos, it’s dangerous! Sorry about dark and blurry photos but gives you an idea of what to expect.

DP Gelato had a lovely flower arrangement on her counter! Of course, a woman’s touch.

Xmas decoration to get into festive mood.

My friend’s Grill Master ‘Latin’ burger, mix of beef and chorizo, interesting & tasty combo. Tried just the meat. Again bun was WAY TOO BIG in proportion to meat.

Using an ironing board for a table, spray painting it red, white, blue was such a cute idea! I love folks who think outside the box. It’s what a Wok Star is all about! We like to create our own playlist!!!

This Food Court on 109th and Biscayne is organized by Jack of Jefe’s Original Fish Taco and Burger.

Had to try Jefe’s fish taco, not sharing with hubby next time, I didn’t get any fish, just got a nice crunchy corner! The cabbage slaw and hot sauce was delish, the combo was very refreshing. Price was incredible: $2.35, can’t beat that. Jack had a ‘Burger Beast Approved’ sticker above his menu, very funny. We scarfed the taco before I could take a photo, oops.

When Jack, the owner shouted, Eleanor to pick up my fish taco, I heard a voice next to me, ‘I know you from Facebook! I recognize you from the little square of your photo.’ She’s a writer for South Beach magazine. Then Jack points at me and shouts, ‘Wok Star!”, I was one of irst who followed him on Twitter! So, be careful when you go out stuffing yourself. Isn’t social media incredible?

Didn’t have chance to try Korean taco, next time.

Miso Hungry (love name and cute logo), Asian fresh to go. I had Miso Box, $8 not cheap for food truck: Rendang Beef. Nice portion, not bad but way spicy even for me. I grew up eating spicy cause my mom was born in S’pore. When you have spicy, you need something to chill down, all about yin and yang. But the slither of pickle wasn’t enough and the Indonesian fried rice was cold and inside was hard. Rice can make or break a dish, needs to be piping HOT

Glad to see this truck offered nice alternative to all the deep fried foods though!!!

We had Slow Food Truck’s short rib hoagie which had way too much bread in proportion to pork. The pork was O.K., the flavor was only on the outside. Need some crunch and texture or a side kicker but good price for what it was. Lots of pork in it!

Very funny blow up globe with falling snow!

Well, I hope this post uploads properly cause when I ‘saved’, it lost all my photos so I can to do it all over again!










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