Fourth Of July Celebrations (Updated)

Happy Fourth!

The most important part of any celebration is spending time with people you enjoy. Get everyone to bring a dish. I usually make the main dishes. This was last year’s Fourth of July party. What’s great is we walk across 2 minutes to the beach to watch the Fireworks and come back for dessert.

See below for this year’s spread plus updates in blue. After making the ribs, I realized I missed a few directions which help tremendously.

Most of the cold dishes can be prepared ahead of time, just assemble prior to guests arriving. Main thing is get your table setting beautiful so when guests walk in, it’s stunning!

Shrimp with Chayote and Red Bell Peppers
Field Greens with Avocado, Tomatoes and freshly made Olive Oil Dressing

Hoisin Spare Ribs
Quinoa with Flame Roasted Bell Peppers and Dressing
Celery and Red Bean Salad


1. Get ribs to room temperature. Line baking tray with double foil, gets messy. Pierce meat with fork. Marinade, leave for 1/2 hour prior to grilling.

2. Proportion: 4 hoisin, 1 tamari, 2 chili garlic sauce, 1/4 lime juice. Marinade should be thick so it clings to ribs. Slather it on. When you flip over ribs, add more marinade.

3. Grill till crispy with burnt edges. Slice down each rib. It’s even better to grill each rib on its side. Watch and smell, you’ll know when they’re ready…


Here’s what we had for this year’s Fourth!

Ralph and I were thrilled to host this Fourth for our friends’, Sander & Ina’s grandkids visiting from New Jersey. We wanted them to experience Fireworks right on the pier. They are Giulia 8, Mary Jane 12 and Cassidy 15 and are just adorable. Well behaved and you can converse with them like adults! Unfortunately, Ralph (my hubby) was taking photo!

Shrimp ceviche with red onion and cilantro (thanks Sander)
and my
Hoisin Ribs

I had to ripen tomatoes and mangoes by the window, they tend to pick them way too green. Notice the mint and parsley I got from Toyota Venza event on Lincoln Road, posting right after this.

Pineapple, Mango Salsa with tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, scallions, red and green Jalapena chilies, pickled in Japanese rice vinegar, lime juice. This is perfect with the ribs or grilled salmon, well, just about anything actually.

Red quinoa Salad (Ina made olive oil dressing) with flame roasted red bell peppers and fresh basil (from Irene & Richard’s balcony). Quinoa is an Inca grain, very light, you cook the same ratio as rice – 1 cup grain: 1 1/2 cup water. It’s not starchy and heavy like potatoes or rice and great for vegetarians because it has protein and balances out the carbs. We eat a lot of quinoa, here’s another dish I make with CurrySimple’s Thai curry salmon with quinoa.

Mixed Field Green salad with cherry tomatoes, red onion and cucumber (Linda’s).
Pickled Jalapena chilies in rice vinegar

The Best Freshly made Blueberry Pie with top & bottom crust (Irene’s), slurp.

We always have a fresh fruit platter. This is just strawberries and cherries.

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