Wok Star Kit includes FREE seasonings of brands I love!

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Excited to share my series of Cook Like a Wok Star to show you a variety of ways to use the seasonings that are included in your Wok Star Kit!  Here’s the first video featuring My Spice Sage’s curry powder in Wok Curry Salmon!  I think curry powder is my favorite spice, it’s so versatile, has an intense flavor, perks up anything you sprinkle it on, especially leftovers!  I show how to add to curry powder at the end of stir frying salmon, so delish. Once  you try, it’s addictive, you’ll want to add to everything. Click here for more details about My Spice Sage.

I’m very honored to be associated with some major brands who sponsor my Wok Star cooking classes or to include in my Wok Star Kit.  I made a little video to explain why and how I pick the brands I use and recommend.  Everyone tells me how much they enjoy opening their Wok Star Kit and says it’s like Christmas!  I’m constantly hunting for new seasonings to introduce to Wok Stars. I’m looking for quality products to enhance and add a kick to our wok dishes!  Just click on the contact button for details how to connect with me.