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Wok Star featured in New Times: Top Five Cooking Classes in Miami, click for full writeup!

Watch ChatChowTV’s short interview about my workshops here!

On arrival, you’ll meet and mingle and enjoy a Rainbow Lettuce Wrap Appetizer paired with drinks sponsored by Barton & Guestier’s Vouvray wine and Fiji Water. 

After introductions, I begin the workshop by explaining my simple NO-RECIPE, NO-MEASURING technique.

There’ll be lots of Giveaways from premium sponsors like this fabulous Barton & Guestier’s Cooler Wine Bag, Earthy Delight’s gourmet mushrooms and Tea Seed Oil,  San-J’s Ginger Salad Dressing, Koon Chun’s Hoisin or Brown Bean Sauce!  

Excited to announce my newest sponsor, KindSnacks who’ll be providing chocolate covered snack bars for Giveaways.  You can find out more here.


Fire captain Eric, 11 yr. old Zeke, busy attorney & mom, Laura, all three became Wok Stars that day!

Many will get a chance to stir-fry in my lightweight cast iron wok and portable butane gas stove setup. This is not a hands-on class but very interactive & engaging.

You’ll savor each dish fresh and hot after it’s cooked.

•  We’ll explore new ingredients and discuss how to ‘mix and match’ veggies and protein for easy weeknight dinners! 
•  Participation will be encouraged to share problems with cooking.
•  We’ll learn Asian cutting techniques and find out why a cast iron wok is so versatile!

Second dish: we’ll cook a typical one-dish wok dinner with protein (pork, beef and/or tofu) & seasonal vegetables like asparagus, Chinese broccoli or bok choy.

I’ll explain why you get ‘soupy’ stir fries and demystify common mistakes and complaints.

Third dish:  Tilapia cooked in a spicy brown bean sauce with seasonal vegetables to show the versatility of a wok.

You’ll see how easy it is to wok up healthy, one-dish meals in 30 minutes and with very little clean up.

You’ll get the scoop on brands, Asian markets together with a handy stir-fry crib sheet.

Then purchase your own Ultimate Wok Star Kit and put into practice what you’ve learned!
(free seasonings that come in your Kit may vary depending on availability!)

The most rewarding part of what I do is hearing from happy and successful Wok Stars!   

    •    families who cook and eat together
    •    those who have lost weight
    •    busy professionals who love simple dinners
    •    picky kids who now eat their veggies
    •    single guys who like to show off to their dates while keeping it healthy

Maria and I became Wok Stars today and we cooked the shrimp and vegetables dish, that you showcased in class. We had a wonderful time creating the dish and we took turns at preparing and stir frying. It was a team effort. The dish turned out wonderful to our delight. We thank you for sharing your insight with us and helping us be WOK STARS too. Danilo

Ready to Cook Like a Wok Star?  Click Schedule, register & pay.

I look forward to meeting you in the next workshop!

Photo credit: many photos were taken by my friend, Brenda Benoit, a fabulous photographer,  food writer, foodie and Wok Star!  See more of her beautiful photography here. She can help you with both writing and photography!