Handy basket for your Squirt, Squeeze, Shake dispensers - NO MEASURING necessary! Makes cooking FUN & CREATIVE!


My students include all ages and skill levels… from homemakers to trained chefs. Often, the most receptive students are people who find cooking a tedious chore. A common problem among those who don’t enjoy cooking is that they lack organization. To overcome this, I’ve included my caddy basket for organizing your Asian seasonings.

It took me a while to source the dispensers and caddy basket for the proper sizes. It might seem trivial to acquire these, but once I was visiting some friends in Orlando and tried to buy them these items. After several stops and hours of shopping I still didn’t find the proper sizes. I’ve included these in the Kit because Wok Stars value their time.

  • The entire caddy can be kept in the fridge so when you’re ready to cook
  • you simply pull out ONE item instead of scurrying all over the kitchen looking for ingredients in various cabinets.
  • Three dispensers are included with the caddy so you can control the amounts of your ingredients.
  • With “Easy Style” you learn to “squirt, squeeze, and shake” – it’s EASY.