Curry Grilled Pork, Cauliflower Stir Fry Was A Hit!

Curry powder(my fav is from MySpiceSage, so fresh & intense) on pork shoulder is so intoxicating when it hits the grill. My fav are dry rubs cause they crisp up the meat. So easy, just salt, then sprinkle curry powder, under hot broiler till golden brown & crispy both sides. I recently saw on Dr. Oz show that spicy foods energizes your metabolism, I always knew there was a reason why I love this spice so much.

I stir fried green cauliflower & red bell pepper, perfect with grilled curry pork.

When my hubby keeps saying ‘delicious’ through dinner, I think that means it was a hit!


For lucky folks who get my Wok Star Kit, it includes either curry powder or 5 spice powder from MySpiceSage! Once you’re hooked, you’ll keep wanting more, so good. Their spices come in handy dispensers so it’s easy to sprinkle on anything and I do but best is on pork shoulder, hmmm…I’ll post more dishes I’ve used curry powder on, so invigorating.

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